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Update XVIII

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella
Queen: Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, Lady MagentaFairy
Prince: His Royal Highness, Lord Cassius

Chief Knight: Majestas
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Lord Moly Calidan
Knight of War and Lady High Constable: The Warbringer, Prince Christopher Bishop
Knight Foreign: Her Scheming Excellency, Lady Olivia Calidan
Knight Interior: Moolaha 
Knight Cultural: Evanei Riket 
Chief Bard: Sir Aedan Mac Riket 

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Long May She Reign 

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If you were not already aware, Albion now sees a Queen sitting upon the throne alongside King Charles. This Queen is none other than Clarissa MagentaFairy. A rise the King and the people of Albion rejoiced. 

In the beginning Queen Clarissa started her NationStates journey within the Interior department of The New Inquisition and soon becoming a successful culture minister. 

“Culture has always been my favourite ministry. I've done it for TNI, Kantrias, LKE and many others.”

Kantrias was then where She took an interest in legislature. As her experience and confidence grew, She then went on to join legislative bodies in both Ainur and TNI.

Queen Clarissa also shares that her favourite part of NationStates for a long while was being a part of the military. 

“My military experience started in TNI, where I learnt to raid, lead raids and delegate tasks. I moved up the ranks, finally ending my climb as Deputy General of UIAF before it was disbanded. In my NS lifetime I have visited and held citizenship to a lot of regions in the past. I've been an active ambassador for a few regions to other regions. Often I would pick up small jobs like recruiter, as a way of being useful to regions.” 

Queen Clarissa was amongst the few still remaining who participated in the founding of Albion itself, and Albion is where she has been since. 

“After assisting with the founding of Albion, I became the Archduchess of Shalefields and sat on the Grand Council. I've been the Lady Commander, leader of the Royal Albion Legion, and I also served as Crown Princess under King Charles until he asked me to be Queen alongside him.”

In closing She expresses,

“If I look back on my journey through NationStates, I've loved meeting all of those I have as well as talking to the friends I have made along the way. I am also extremely humbled to have been entrusted with the role I have as Queen of Albion and I look forward to helping guide our future.”


Albion passes the 400,000 post mark! 

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The Heralds hark while the minstrels sing, or so say those who continue to celebrate this momentous achievement. How are they celebrating you may ask? By posting more, of course! 

We appreciate and thanks every diplomat, member, visitor and citizen who has helped our forums procure this golden number. Albion eagerly (and mercilessly) looks forward to the journey toward 500,000. 


On a scale of North Korea to America, how free are you tonight? 

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The political train of the Chief Knight Elections rolled round as candidates dragged themselves from the pubs to address the city streets with their hopes and promises should they be elected. This election we saw Majestas taking the reigns and diving in head first.For her team this term she has chosen Moolaha as her Knight Interior, Evanei Riket for Knight Cultural and Sir Aedan is back in the helm as Chief Bard.

The City of Brightwall and their carousing over the past months has seen several turnovers of leadership. Rumour has it spiked mead is to blame for the fall of officials. Nonetheless, the Lady Aynia of Whitespire showed no fear as she took her seat as Mayor. The cities of Silverpine and Shalefields, however, remain stable.


Why are zombies easier to get into character for than skeletons? 

..because they are more fleshed out.

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As always, Albion’s Role Play community continues to thrive. The imagination of her people never stops even during the times that are most quiet. Albion’s core role play “Albion of Today” received a clean slate seeing all previous stories moved to the archives. Citizens wishing to partake now explore to uncover the map and perhaps find themselves a new home.

The Crucible, Albion’s role play hub may have seen one or two role plays be tucked away into the archives (may they rest peacefully), however, new ones have emerged to make their mark. The first of these we write about is called Deep Blu. Set in the year 2101, approximately fifty years after an asteroid struck the Earth and devastated the world, rendering the surface uninhabitable. Deep Blu takes place within the Mariana Trench in an underwater metropolis of the same name which started life as a state-of-the-art deep sea laboratory, constant warring between nation states and a lack of initial concern meant warnings from astronomers over the potential of an impact resulted in the world being ill-prepared for the encroaching space rock, with no other feasible recourse humanity scrambled to find a way to ensure it's own survival, many dug deep, heading as far underground as possible, whilst others looked to the oceans, building deep sea cities to ensure their survival, Deep Blu was one of the resultant settlements, the lab being hastily expanded upon, to harbour and sustain a significant population as the world above burned.

Next, The Crucible introduces Empires Under the Sun. A nation based role play set at the end of 1945 in an alternate world called Victoria. Unlike other nation based role plays, Empires Under the Sun allows players to create non-human races for their nations.While stories and plot lines may be sparingly introduced, this role-play itself has no set direction and thus, it is up to the players to decide on where their world goes.

Lastly, The Crucible introduces the Final Frontier. An adventure through the wild west, where one is to choose an alignment of either the good, the bad or the ugly from within one of three regions: the South west, the Northwest or Mexico. The adventure begins when players create their own character as well as the Frontier town from which they hail. Giddy-Up!


Which soldiers are good at killing knights? 
...The off-a-sirs!

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Prince Christopher Bishop, Prince of Ravenscar took over as Lord High Constable of the Royal Albion Legion (RAL) replacing Lord Seven Deaths, Count of Arcadia. Seven Deaths took over during the intermediate period between Christopher Bishop and Fleur de Mal helping keeping active and morale up. Christopher Bishop had experience commanding armed forces and was convincing choice for taking over the RAL.

The RAL assisted on many operations with the most recent operation supporting our allies the Land of Kings and Emperors with their deployment in the region of Belgium. The operation in Belgium showed a large number from many regions claiming closer to 88 endorsements. The RAL lend support to Europeia another ally of Albion in their deployment in Anarchy and as well the Black Hawks in their deployment in Middle Earth, which cannot get enough Albion intervention.


On the other hand, you have different fingers.
...truths, half truths, or blatant lies.... you pick. 

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Rumour has it the King is to marry. The servants of Fairfax have began a betting pool to see which of their children drowns the other first. 

The City of Bowerstone has seen a shortage of pretzels and peanut butter. .Authorities are currently investigating the Saxton family after one too many were seen staggering around the docks.

A Foreign Policy? No way -- I mean, wait --- really?

The Mages have been cooped up in their towers for weeks now, it seems none of them can figure out what happens when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question.

Albion recently acquired Machiavelli as a citizen; the people are terrified of what Queen Fairy may learn from him…

Forks: those wonderful new fangled dingle hoppers




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