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Hello anime lovers!!!


I posted about this show in the HQ, but I wanted to have a dedicated thread to it.  I'm always looking to get more people hooked on it so I can discuss it with them.  The show just finished it's 3rd Volume, and I'm very excited to see what they will do next.  It is an anime created by the guys at Rooster Teeth in San Antonio, TX.  The original creator, Monty Oum, sadly passed away last year after falling into a comma following a severe allergic reaction during a surgery.  The game really takes you through growing up.  The first volume involves four girls at a warrior academy, learning how to fit in and better grow into themselves and their abilities.  The second volume shows the girls glimpses of adulthood and the darkness and unfairness that it holds, and features them becoming determined to fight to make it a better place, and the third volume hurtles them into the fray and makes them grow up faster than they should have.  It definitely doesn't hold its punches in the third volume.


Also, the opening of volume 2 has the best food fight I've ever seen!


I have also bought every soundtrack released so far, and will likely continue to do so.  I listen to many of the songs constantly, and they are often found on my workout playlist.



So, as an introduction, here is episode 1:




Here are the 4 trailers that introduced the show to the world.  They start off very generally; they mostly just showcase the game generator they use to create it, and gradually add dialogue. 




And finally, here is the new Chibi trailer that they released.  I'm still not entirely sure what it is, but it's cute?


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7 hours ago, Yakitzland said:

I really need to get back at watching this... haha Yeah, that food fight was one of the best episodes!!! XD


I laughed so much :33


How far have you gotten?



Also, Chibi has come out!  My favorite part is definitely the part with the yarn on episode 2.




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4 hours ago, Hyper Hippies said:

How far have you gotten?

I'm somewhere in the middle of season 2... With that ship breaker Neptune... (I ship RubyxWhiss where did that guy even came from?? XD)


I watch it with one of my roomates tho so, I gotta wait for our schedules to match :33

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I agree with BlakexYang (Blang?), they would make a great couple <3

I don't see RubyxNora, I agree with the scary part, come on Nora is the sugar high 4th wall breaker of this show, I just don't know how he do the stuff she does~ And Ruby? she's impulsive, bad combination ALERT!!


I like the struggle of opposites Ruby and Whiss have, and they say they dislike each other all the time but, meh, I'm not buying it, they do enjoy each other's company ^^

I want to see them together >.< but, that is the fangirl in me, who likes to ship things XD

Pay it no mind :33


I like John and Porsha (how do I spell that, the spear, magnetic girl) too, She should just say what she feels but, dumb Jonh is running after Whiss who gives him so attention, aww my kokoro QAQ



PS: I watch it without subs so, I have a hard time catching the characters' names sometimes :V

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I love RWBY, so happy that there is a forum for RWBY! I just finished watching RWBY; and this leads into the questions that remain unanswered in my mind, like what happened to Raven? Where did Ozpin go to? Why did Pyrrha have to die? How did Ruby's mother die? 

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