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I'm sorry I didn't get this posted, this year has been a mess.  Don't know when I might have time for this, but here is my character proposal:


For the position of Counselor -




•    Primary Race: Wraith
•    Gender: fluid, adopted primary male form
•    Age: 37 (approximate)
•    Hair Colour: Brown
•    Eye Colour: Brown
•    Height (m): 1.8m 
•    Weight (kg): 65
•    Other Physical Characteristics: Shapeshifter/Telepath
•    Birthplace: Dakala (See Star Trek Enterprise episode Rogue Planet)
•    Birthdate (without year): unknown. Having no sun on their home planet, Wraiths do not natively track time the same as most species. For Wraiths, time is a history counted in memories, and important memories are telepathically passed down, generation to generation.
•    Father: T'choor
•    Mother: T'challa
•    Siblings: none known
•    Spouse: none
•    Children: none


*Note: physical characteristics can vary to fit the situation/encounter due to shapeshifter nature of Wraiths.  However, T'char has assumed a standard or 'normal' recognizable form.  T'char based this form on an mix of impressions from Councillors and Professors he studied under in order to attain the 'look' of a Councellor. A mild, empathic, approachable look. T'char can shapeshift form and gender as may be more appropriate for individual comfort/need/culture in session, negotiations, and missions.


As there is little background available on this species, I have written up a few cultural and character personal history notes for my own use for guidelines.

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I was looking for something a bit different with interesting possibilities and stumbled upon Wraiths. And Small Huts suggested Counselor was a better fit for what I had in mind.  Credit where credit is due. :tiphat: 

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Echo!...   "Echo....Echo....Echo....Echo..........."


The reverb in here is really something when it's empty....."The reverb in here is really something when it's empty......The reverb in here is really something when it's empty...."


Well, that gets annoying fast......"Well, that gets annoying fast........Well, that gets annoying fast....."


I really don't like the sound of my own voice.  "I really don't like....."


Shut up!




Still waiting ;):P

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