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[Passed] SC Resolution: Liberate The NSIA

Liberate The NSIA  

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Another notable SC Resolution.

liberate.pngLiberate The NSIA

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): The NSIA

Proposed by: caelapes__985841t2.pngCaelapes

Description: The Security Council,

Cognizant of the Nazi forces currently attempting to protect The NSIA in an effort to preserve The NSIA for the spread of Nazi beliefs and propaganda;

Acknowledging the establishment of border control measures by these occupiers that have made it impossible for new nations to enter;

Informed by the historical record that The NSIA, standing for "National Socialist Invasion Army," is an ancient Nazi region dating back to 2005 at the latest, whose World Factbook Entry called on the region's inhabitants to "SAVE THE WHITE RACE!!" and later stated its purpose as "the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race through the promotion of National Socialism, White Nationalism, Pan-Aryanism and many other worthy ideologies";

Noting the existence of organizations that have gathered to combat Nazism across NationStates, including forces affiliated with Antifa and the Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism;

Taking into consideration the existence of disparate military forces from all corners of NationStates who are prepared to unite to combat Nazism by force;

Inspired by the unity shown by these organizations; and

Fully aware of the need to remove border control to allow these forces to have the opportunity to achieve their noble mission; hereby

Authorizes and hereby enforces the immediate Liberation of The NSIA.

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For! We definitely should make it a priority to support liberations of Nazi-invaded regions.

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