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North East Somerset

5th Anniversary

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The Festival of the Ancient Gods

19th October 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the creation of Balder and Osiris. 

Over the past five years, many players have committed their time and effort to the development of Balder and Osiris. Due to the success of our citizens, vibrant communities have emerged and prospered in in both regions. The addition of two sinkers has also had a significant impact on the game as a whole, reinvigorating the game-created regions as centres of NationStates politics and altering the course of gameplay. 

In honour of this occasion, Balder and Osiris will be holding the Festival of the Ancient Gods between 21st and 24th October. The first two days of the Festival will take place in Balder on 21st and 22nd October. The second two days will take place in Osiris on 23rd and 24th October. 

The Government of Balder is delighted to invite you to join our celebrations. The scheduled events for the Festival include an in-character role-play of the founding of Osiris and Balder, as well as several spam games, tournaments and contests.

All participants from regions with embassies with either Balder or Osiris are most welcome to attend events at both segments of the Festival.

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