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2004 Equilism Olympics

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A report from Grothistan (a former Equilism Prime Minister)




The People of Grothistan finds itself amazed, as it has won 3 gold medals, and 2 bronze medals, putting itself at the top of the table along with the nation of Westwind, which has also won 5 medals. We here at the Independent Press of Grothistan (IPG) have choosen to interview the 5 athletes who secured us the medals, and the head-coach of the Grothistan Olympics Team. In this edition, we will interview the Gold Winner in Women's individual Archery, Lana Igurania.


Reporter: How does it feel to win a gold medal in the Equilism Olympics?

Igurania: Great! You can't put into words the feeling that you get when you receive the medal, knowing that millions of people worldwide are watching... I almost fainted, i didn't think it was possible!

Reporter: So you didn't expect to win this competition? 

Igurania: Not at all! Well, i expected to do well, but gold? I would have laughed at that question a few days ago.

Reporter: How so? 

Igurania: Well, Archery is pretty low priority on our team. We don't receive as many funds as some of the other parts of the team.

Reporter: Well, after your astonishing effort today, i am sure that is going to change.

Igurania: Haha, yeah, you might have a point there.

Reporter: Before we end this interview, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Igurania: I love you all! Without your support, i wouldn't have been capable of doing this. This medal belongs not only to me, but also to you, my fans. Again, i love you all!


Independent Press of Grothistan All Rights Reserved



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