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TAS- NS World Fair Under Construction

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[b]The Allied States to Host the Fifth NationStates World Fair[/b]

[spoiler=TAS's NS World Fair Bid]
The Allied States

1. Why does your region want to host the World Fair?

The Allied States is an old region (est. 2010) that’s new to NS politics, and we hope to prove how woefully inept we really are in all facets of NS. This will be our masterwork, put on for the whole world to see. We would be grateful for the opportunity to truly let you see how we prove that not only is evolution real, but that in our region it goes in reverse.

2. What activities/ideas would you like to bring to the WF?

In addition to hosting lectures on pressing NS issues, we will host post assassin and Town of Salem games. There will also be a chess tournament, NS lectures, and a regional “literature” exchange for the nerds. TAS is a region that is 40% gay, 15% spastic, and 45% accidental, cultivating into a region with a culture all its own.

3. What should this year’s theme for the World Fair be? How would you implement that theme?

Our theme would be Space: The Final Frontier! We think it would be a theme many people could get behind and enjoy, and our Vice Chancellor threatened to rage-quit if we didn’t decide to do this one. We hope you will enjoy our activity and RP scenario ideas:
Sci-fi television, film and literature trivia contests
Our Space Themed Wacky Wednesday, our One-Shot RP series
A space related TED-talk recommendations list and discussion thread
Sexcapades. In Space.
Two words: Fight Club
A space related forum theme

4. Any other information we should consider with respect to your region's bid?
1. We’ve been operating an offsite forum that has had 300,000 posts made since 2012. Our forums are active daily. Check out our forums here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/index/
2. Our strongest regional assets are our self-confidence and self-loathing.
3. Here’s a link to our finest regional literature: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/topic/11518352/12/#new
4. Please excuse the mess when you arrive; our latest drug-fueled orgy got a little out of hand.
5. You can ask Europeians like Josh Ravenclaw: we’re awesome.
6. Cactus sitting is a regional pastime, and everyone should feel free to join us at some point.[/spoiler]
[small]Images from the Construction Site[/small][/center]

The Fifth Annual NationStates World Fair is set to be hosted by The Allied States! TAS won the right to host the fair after submitting a last-minute bid cobbled together at midnight by the Cabinet and Delgate. Upon learning that the region would host the bid, TAS Bid Director John Elwin remarked that the region "looks forward to hosting this and to make it the most calamitous fair yet."

The World Fair is scheduled to kick off on January 20. The region is currently working with the NSWF Committee to design the forums for the World Fair, which should be unveiled in the upcoming days. TAS's bid specifies that the Fair will be space-themed and the region is working on the forums with that in mind.

TAS hopes to see many regions, including this one, at the NationStates World Fair! Booths at the World Fair can be reserved here: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=397374.

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