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Proposed Channel Merging Poll

Discord server channels merging poll  

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  1. 1. Should the #tourism, #culture and #public_relations channels on the Discord server be merged into a #public_courtyard channel?

    • Yes
    • No

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Since the #tourism, #culture and #public_relations channels are not commonly used on the Discord server, I have proposed that the channels be merged into one #public_courtyard channel as the purpose of those channels is the same as this forum, just more specific in the channels' content. There doesn't seem to be much reason to keep three separate channels for discussing various government activities that are rarely used when we could just have one channel to discuss all of those activities instead.


Please take the poll above and answer Yes or No that you support the merging of these channels. I will leave the poll open for one week. If the majority vote is yes, I will archive all of the content on the channels here in this sub-forum in a new thread. After that, they will be deleted and the new #public_courtyard channel will be created to replace them.


Thank you,

Mayor Isaris

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Since there is no objection to this, I'm going to close the poll early and start archiving those channels for the merge.

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