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Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

SC Proposal - Commend Yggdrasil


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Security Council Resolution At Vote

commend.pngCommend Yggdrasil

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Yggdrasil

Proposed by: ransium__343083t2.jpgRansium

The Security Council,

Acknowledging the region of Yggdrasil's historic import, having been founded in the early months of 2003;

Impressed with its pioneering role in promoting esprit de corps through storytelling between member nations and ally regions in ways that have now become commonplace in the NationStates community;

Noting how seriously Yggdrasil handles international relations as demonstrated by its alliances with Texas, 10000 Islands, and Wysteria since 2006 and the careful research it undertakes before considering new relations;

Further noting the degree of mutually beneficial interactions Yggdrasil has had with its allies, as demonstrated by its participation in cross-regional sporting events, cooperation with others to combat outbreaks of deadly diseases, hosting of best flag contests, and promotion of cross-regional visits;

Applauding the success of its volunteer army, the Yggdrasil Defense Service (YDS), which, although not regularly deployed, has assisted in the high profile liberations of Feudal Japan, Japan, Lazarus, South America, Sweden, and The Skeleton Army among other operations;

Exalting its respect for meritocracy, fostering a system under which members of both raider and defender affiliations could become delegates and live in peace;

Aware of its commitment to promoting World Assembly Authorship, as evidenced by:

  • Its creation of an in-depth legislation composition guide designed to help new authors; and

  • Its setting up of an area for new authors to post draft legislation and be helped by more experienced authors of the region, before presenting them to the floor of the wider Assembly;

Further aware of the success of these efforts, as demonstrated by the number of World Assembly authors and co-authors that hailed from the region, such as goddess_relief_office__521352t2.jpgThe Celestial Realm 🍦 of Goddess Relief Office (9), travacore-cochin__276688t2.jpgThe Republic of Travacore-cochin (3), elke_and_elba__634643t2.jpgThe Nietzsche Esoteric Alliance of Elke and Elba (2), Silvadus (1), and Veilyonia (1);

Convinced that a region that has promoted active participation, international diplomacy, and democratic values for the amount of time Yggdrasil has makes the entire NationStates community a better and more interesting place;

Hereby commends Yggdrasil.


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