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Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

SC Resolution: Repeal: "Condemn Canterlot"

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Security Council Resolution At Vote

Repeal: “Condemn Canterlot”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#220

Proposed by: tim-opolis__814651t2.pngTim-Opolis

Security Council Resolution #220 “Condemn Canterlot” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The Security Council,

Clarifying that the 'raiding' which Security Council Resolution #220 refers to is primarily the non-destructive and generally temporary "tag raiding",

Observing that fifty regions is not at all a significant amount to tag raid, especially when considering the vast expanse of the world,

Noting the inaccuracy of SC #220's Clause 3, given that most of the regions attacked by Canterlot were inactive and without founding leaders,

Believing that while garish insignia are difficult to look at, and despite the precedent set by SC#1, they don't merit intervention of the Security Council,

Recognizing that Canterlot, while an invader region, has not yet done anything significant enough to warrant a condemnation,

Convinced that the Security Council should be upholding higher standards than those seen in SC #220,

Hereby Repeals: Security Council Resolution #220 “Condemn Canterlot”.

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Like, very very strongly.


Esteemed Nations of the Township!


This is your World Assembly Delegate speaking to you, to give you a bit of background and advice on the current Security Council Proposal at vote. The proposal itself repeals "Condemn Canterlot", a recently passed SC proposal. It cites several reasons, including "Canterlot, while an invader region, has not yet done anything significant enough to warrant a condemnation", explaining why the previous resolution to Condemn Canterlot should be thrown out.


I, along with most of the sensible population of NS, am strongly FOR this proposal, as Condemnations are seen as Badges of Honor for raider regions, and Canterlot as failed, failed quite tremendously I might add, at achieving anything noteworthy enough to merit a Condemnation. Furthermore, the original proposal sported several errors and was rather poorly written.

So, in conclusion, I am strongly advising all to vote FOR the passage of the SC Proposal: Repeal "Condemn Canterlot", as the proposal is an affront to raider regions everywhere, and is frankly undeserved.


Thank you for your time,


World Assembly Delegate

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