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Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

SC Resolution: Commend "Imperial Anglorum"

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Security Council Resolution At Vote

commend.pngCommend Imperium Anglorum

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: imperium_anglorum__755029t2.pngImperium Anglorum

Proposed by: abhichandra__512651t2.pngAbhichandra

The Security Council,

Applauding that Imperium Anglorum and its World Assembly delegation have authored 14 previous General Assembly resolutions at this time, including,


  • "Reducing Statelessness", which introduces the Passport Organization, issues passports to stateless people, and forbids nations of robbing people of their citizenship,

  • "Compliance Commission", which improves security for nations, and limits unprincipled nations from infringing on World Assembly resolutions, and,

  • "Preserving Antimicrobials", which helps doctors by slowing the creation of bacterially resistant microbes, allowing doctors to provide care for their patients without the disruption,


Seeing that Imperium Anglorum has also repealed several flawed resolutions, including,


  • "Rights of Indigenous Peoples", which permitted national sub-groups to disregard and neglect nationwide laws,

  • "Nuclear Security Convention", which had stopped the World Assembly from passing any laws in order to protect nuclear supply chains, and,

  • "Open Internet Order", which allowed the World Assembly to fine nations without any oversight, and could potentially harm user privacy, while simultaneously slowing down the internet,


Recognizing that Imperium Anglorum has provided helpful and constructive feedback on many General Assembly and Security Council drafts,

Impressed that Imperium Anglorum also developed Communiqué, a system which sends mass and recruitment telegrams, and also helps with campaigning,

Acknowledging that Imperium Anglorum maintains the ‘Passed General Assembly Resolutions’ index and has recorded 44 resolutions at this time, which helps aspiring General Assembly authors write drafts, and give them ideas for new resolutions,

Noting that Imperium Anglorum served as Europe’s WA Delegate, and while in that role has helped draft or campaign for several General Assembly resolutions proposed by Liechtensteint2.pngUmeria, excidium_planetis__457896t2.jpgExcidium Planetis, tinfect__444337t2.pngTinfect, Defwa, and Defaultt2.pngThe Global Republic,

Further acknowledging that Imperium Anglorum enacted several laws for Europe, including Europe's Basic Law, which constitutes and organizes how the region is run, and has extensively wrote and introduced other policies for Europe,

Further noting that since Imperium Anglorum was elected as WA Delegate in September 2015, the region's population increased from 500 to a record high of 950 and continues to increase, while endorsements soared up from about 190 to greater than 330,

Believing that Imperium Anglorum deserves to be commended for their hard work and commitment,

Hereby commends Imperium Anglorum

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