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Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

GA Resolution: Repeal "World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact"

You know the drill...  

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General Assembly Resolution At Vote

Repeal: “World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#400

Proposed by: helaw__517971t2.pngHelaw

General Assembly Resolution #400 “World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact” (Category: Health; Area of Effect: Research) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly,

Commending the principles outlined and adhered to by the target resolution,

Concerned by the restrictive definition of the term 'medicinal knowledge' as it omits specific medical cases, which in turn means that niche knowledge in regards to rare medical occurrences (i.e, only present in a single case and not fully understood) cannot be accounted for within the WACMD database,

Bamboozled by technological research being discounted in the definition of 'medicinal knowledge', as this prevents innumerable medical technologies and biomedical advances from being archived by the WACMD (many of which are integral to having a full understanding of modern medicinal science),

Confounded by the term 'medicinal knowledge' being defined by the resolution, as the active clauses instead use the separate and undefined term 'medical knowledge', with this inconsistency allowing member nations to interpret many clauses as they desire,

Noting that the medical applications of technologies developed during the creation of biological weapons in the world's history would be discarded simply due to their initial place of origin,

Puzzled by the fact that the proposal both allows access to the WACMD database by 'all' - an ambiguous term - and exclusively to WA member nations; a notable contradiction that, depending on interpretation, may allow for dangerous and potentially malicious misuse of the database by non-member nations,

Appalled by the fact that the WACMD database exists solely online, restricting access to member nations that possess digital networks,

Displeased with the waste of World Assembly funds that the target resolution ultimately represents, as other resolutions such as GA #103, GA #78, and GA #31 already perform most - if not all - of the important functions that the target resolution details,

Bemused by the failure of the resolution to specify any form of curation in regards to submitted medical data, giving rise to potentially misleading information being added to the database,

Believing that the resolution is not fit to legislate in regards to the restriction and regulation of private medical research nor per-nation medical legislation and policy, and that it overstretches its focus by attempting to do so,

Hereby repeals GA #400, 'World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact'.

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I'd strongly encourage an "Aye" vote on this one. The proposal that we want to repeal is, to put it kindly, a complete and utter piece of rubbish. It does absolutely nothing that hasn't been done by other GA proposals, is poorly worded, and contradicts itself. The repeal proposal currently at vote is an excellent thing to get passed.


So, my reccomendation, if it wasn't already obvious, is to vote FOR the proposal to Repeal: “World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact”.

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