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Section Σ Recruitment Application




Section Σ Recruitment Application



Main Nation:

Discord Tag:
(Not on Discord? Register and join Equilism's server today, where you can meet other NationStates players from our region and beyond!


Are you a citizen of Equilism? (Yes or No):

Previous military experience (if any):

If you have previous military experience, please briefly describe the nature of that experience:

Regional or organizational affiliations (if any; please list any nations you maintain elsewhere):


Are you willing to furnish a WA nation for use in Section Σ operations? (Yes or No):

If possible, please list your WA nation, if you have one (if this information is classified, you do not have to share it):

Are you willing to create new nations for use in Section Σ operations? (Yes or No):

Your expected activity level or timeframes (including your time zone):


Have you ever been involved in "griefing" or other forms of online harassment on NationStates? (Yes or No; if Yes, please describe your experience):

Are you willing to swear an oath to defend Equilism and its allies if you are accepted as a new recruit? (Yes or No):

Why do you wish to join Section Σ? (There is no wrong answer!):


Please copy and paste this application into a reply in this thread with the form completed. Once your application has been reviewed, a Lead Investigator will contact you for a follow-up interview.

Thank you for your interest in joining Equilism's newest military force!


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