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United Vietussia

Announcement of State Visit and Festival

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Today, it is with great pride that I announce some great strides in Equilism's foreign relations. Beginning on Wednesday, July 19th, I am pleased to announce that Equilism will be partaking in a state visit with Olympia. Olympia is a small but booming region that has hopped onto the stage with ideals similar to ours, and having talked with some of their leaders, I can't wait to begin our relations with them.


I am also announcing a summer festival with the Kingdom of Great Britain, another region that I think we will be able to foster a healthy diplomatic relationship with. The festival is set for the week of August 18th.


I hope that our citizens will turn out for these events to meet and greet two great regions who I hope we'll be able to work with closely going into the future.


-United Vietussia Dion

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