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Operator Hardcore 5.0, AFR and Stories

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What is this "Operation Hardcore" is it like a video game?


It's a tabletop roleplaying game, think a normal roleplaying game, only it's played more like a board game, with more than one player, and I am stuck being the story-writer, programmer, and AI. In other words, the players play themselves, and I setup and handle every single other thing.


So why should I care about this game?


Because the players are either really good, really bad, and/or are really funny; due to the setup allowing them lots of freedom and allowing me to create vast worlds for them to run around in. On top of that, things go horribly wrong or right, people die, stuff explodes, and so on.


Are you any good at giving after-action reports?


No, I am a good story-writer though, and I recall most of what happens, but each week it fades a little more into memory. I hope to get better, because other people do after-action reports really well and people love them, I hope to make really good after-action reports someday too.


What is the setting like?


The setting needed to be a place that was close enough to apocalyptic to give players lots of freedom, challenge, and excitement; but also be in a wider world that is humming along reasonably well. I used to be friends with a user years ago, called 22nd Parallel; who had a bizarre nation that was built upon the ruins of another one. It's a wasteland with 40-60 foot black walls around it, with deep steel rods into the ground, and about a foot or meter concrete thickness in it. Inside is three mega cities and lots of zombies, so it's a really interesting setting.


I took what he wrote down in resources, added to it and explained stuff, then started adding nations to be close by.


Currently, there is "Mind-Walker" (Mind-Vah-ker) which is like Afganistan only half German and Half Russian, controlled by war-lords who rule over peasants, and locked in a civil-war more based upon race or power control than religion.


Another nation in the setting is "Yeren" (Yeh-Ren), which is like India only slightly more modern. It's currently suffering from invasion, refugee migration, corruption, insurgencies, earthquakes, and droughts.


What are the players like?


Operator Hardcore had a main section, and then a series of expansions. One of the current players are from one called "Jaded Souls" which means they have a character flaw, some insanity, are morally grey people, are hiding in the country from whatever happened back home, and owed people serious money. The other three players are part of an expansion pack called "Long Live the Fighters". Long story short various political and religious groups are in the country fighting for freedom and ideals, they all are allies, and they all are being bankrolled by "The Benefactors". Players in that expansion are more or less freedom fighters or soldiers, with ideals, goals, and dreams. 


Currently, one of the previous Jaded players has been gone months, but the remaining one and said missing player already have corrupted to a degree two of the freedom fighters. A third one, who has a background as a spy, was sent in to be as a safeguard. This is to keep the party from getting into trouble and keep them on task taking care of "Traitors".


I will detail the players and their characters, the last two adentures, and other stuff later. Thanks.





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