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Immigrant's Short Guide to Illumien Culture;

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Greetings Comrades,

As people applying for citizenship in any of the founding members of the glorious CoHRE, it will be necessary to be proficient to some reasonable degree in Illumien culture to fit in comfortably. Since it is they who have founded these two nations and provide a large section, around 73%, of the population, the culture around here is effectively their culture for the most part.

Let's start with something somewhat light, just some fundamental reminders or fresh explanations as to where the culture comes from and why it is the way it is.


Illumien Culture was born and is raised in an environment where the average person is emotionally dependent on the happiness of their own comrades, physically needed to sacrifice on a constant and massive scale, constantly needing to expand their numbers, and constantly needing to evolve to survive.

This is a culture of we, not a culture of "I". The only time a single person can get as much attention as "we" is when that person is proclaimed to be "we" or "us" or "me". The reason Seth is such an all-consuming image of the culture is because people proclaim themselves to be him and him to be them, hence the expression "I am Seth".

The history of Illumien culture is heavy rooted in the history of the nation known as Vadia, which has a long line of defensive wars requiring complete and total loyalty of all its people to the cause of defense. It's people quickly realized that any of them could die at any moment and that they preferred to be part of the undying "we", rather than the soon to die "I".

On the same front, the culture needed to be constantly growing and constantly involving, which means lots of immigrants and births. It means the culture can't afford to turn its back on most of its population, to the degree that it would rather allow or accept or encourage practices it finds "weird" or "odd'", rather than risk losing potential workers, soldiers, artists, or so on.

Then you have the fact that people who must be prepared to die at any time for a nation, want to be able to have a stake and some control over said nation. If a person must work long shifts or be fired upon by the enemy, they will naturally want the right to vote. If they must sacrifice for the nation, they must be the nation.

So, ultimately the culture is socially very liberal and economically very liberal as well, but please do not be discouraged if you are conservative or moderate.  

The Illumien culture is a very fundamentalist culture, which despite being very spiritual, can be easily lived in if one values the rights and freedoms of those around them. Illumiens have no direct word from their "Enlightened One" how exactly the world came to be, so they can fundamentally accept science and champion it with ease. There is very little talk of many topics when it comes to said "god", only that they have encouraged the progress of the nation so far and have pushed the Illumiens to be humble, kind, and protective of others.

Due to the need for defense, Illumiens are for the most part heavily armed at all times, as the threat of invasion was a constant worry and war was a constant nightmare civilians had to live in. This means many if not all citizens are carrying automatic weapons at all times, mostly military surplus service rifles.

Despite the above, there are limits on the freedoms and rights of people, again to maintain unity. This is again because of the culture.


Illumien Culture will not accept, or tolerate xenophobia. The reason why people speak in negative tones about "outsiders" and "them" is because said groups are xenophobia or self-absorbed. There is no point in being friendly to an outside culture, that if it took root in our nations, would be hostile to most of the culture already in our nations. There is no point to letting a culture that is hostile to our allies be in our nation either. It would be like inviting someone to the holiday dinner with family and comrades, that hates you, your family, and your comrades.

This is why the Illumien culture is accused of being "populist idiot state" and also "a dictatorship". It's why it's called a "backward church state" and a "Satanist plague". The Illumien culture is a rainbow of ideas that all have been adopted around the world and argued reasonably well by at least someone. All ideas have some degree of benefits and weaknesses, which is why we seek to counter such things by adopting many ideas at once.

So ultimately, we encourage you to stay and not only adopt our


culture, but introduce us to your own. We are glad to have you and we hope your stay is very uplifting.



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