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The Impeachment of Donald Trump

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President Trump will definitely be impeached, it’s only a matter of time.


President Trump will never be impeached, and there is no proof that he’s done anything wrong.


I have had serious and level-headed people state both of these premises to me. In all instances they are beyond certain that they are right and that the outcome that they prefer must be correct. At the same time, supporters and critics of the President hold mutually exclusive truths to be self-evident. Most Republicans feel that Mr. Trump won the popular vote in his election to the Presidency and most of his critics will say that it is objectively demonstrable that this is not the case.


There is a serious prospect that the President arrives at some legal misfortune and may even be a target for impeachment. A very serious looking man named Robert Mueller has been appointed as a Special Counsel and some very deep and dark noises are being implied by the direction of that investigation. Significantly, there have been raids on at least one former Trump campaign advisor and they have teamed up with the state of New York in apparent effort to hold cards in a jurisdiction from which the President cannot pardon (no Presidential pardon for non-federal crimes…).


However, even if the Mr. Mueller comes out with a very bad finding, the President cannot normally be indicted. Further, unless the Democrats take the majority in Congress there will likely not be much political will to impeach him. His base seems immune to bad news about him and his opponents are hysterical that he is a catastrophe with perplexing hair and Twitter habits.


Mr. Trump is historically unpopular but this was also the case when he won the election. Minus a point or two, he has essentially held the Republican base.


Will he be impeached? Should he be impeached?

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I hope to say more later but with a stomach ache ailing me, I can't commit to that right now. I did want to note that I do believe he should be impeached. However, I don't think it will happen. I think that he would resign from the Presidency in some part of deal to not be impeached and face charges. Trump doesn't want to go to prison, not even a white-collar one.

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