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IPS Version 4.2.5

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I have upgraded the forum software to version 4.2.5, along with an update to the default theme.


There were some issues with the theme update, and as a result I had to completely remove and reinstall the theme, then reconfigure. Hopefully I have gotten any major issues taken care of, but if you see anything I'm missing, let me know.


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There are some changes in the theme that I'm not happy with. I've compensated as best I can for now, with a few manual tweak suggestions from the theme author. But I cannot set things they way they were. Some options just aren't there anymore.  Seems like a step backwards for the theme.


There are some new features in this version of the software that I am not familiar with yet. Seems to me the most obvious is the changes in the reputation system, as you have multiple options besides 'liking' a post. We can add more options also.


The most intriguing feature appears to be 'Clubs'. I do not have the feature activated yet, I want to read up on it further first. All I know so far, is that we can give specific user groups the permission to create 'Clubs', which gives them moderator authority over their Clubs, and they can make their Clubs public, or by access by membership.  Perhaps this Clubs system can be integrated or converted from the current Club forums. Gotta look into it sometime.

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Clubs New in 4.2

Let users create their own sub-communities within your site, complete with forums, galleries and more - ideal for departmental groups, interest-based communities... or when your product team is working on something super secret 😉

Clubs in Invision Community
  • icon-club.png

    Public, Private, Open, Closed

    Clubs can choose an appropriate club type to determine how much they share with the wider community.

  • icon-moderate.png

    Full Control

    Club moderators can be granted full control over their clubs, and approve join requests or invite new members to the club.

  • icon-integrated.png

    Integrated With The Community

    Club content is fully integrated into the community - content will appear in users' activity streams, search results, and users get notifications.

  • icon-clubcustomize.png

    Customization Options

    Leaders can customize their club with a photo, banner image, and add new content areas when needed.

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Clubs sound a lot like groups on ZetaBoards. At any rate, I think that's a great feature! It should make admin life easier too, I would imagine.

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