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Z-Day⁶ Imminent

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Z-Day⁶ Imminent, Bureau of Zombie Apocalypse Management Preparing for Cataclysm






Our region has a reputation for kicking zombie butt in the now annual Z-Day event, including during its first incarnation on April Fool's Day 2013. For many of us, it is something we look forward to every year. Though there have been some rumors that there will be a different event this Halloween, I doubt the credibility of these rumors. I also believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. Even if these rumors do turn out to be true, we can then at least use the energy we will have already gathered preparing for Z-Day on whatever the new event is. However, if they turn out to be merely red herrings, which I suspect they are, then we will have prepared ourselves accordingly for one of the most beloved events of our region.


Unfortunately, Naivetry has yet to confirm her presence for this year's event as of this writing. However, I have faith that she will turn up for the event, as she has nearly every year in the past. I am prepared, as Mayor, to lead our effort during Z-Day⁶. As per every year, the regional policy of Equilism during the event will be researching the cure only. Anyone who embraces the zombie hordes or tries to exterminate the zombies, rather than curing them, will face expulsion from the region until the event has ended. There will be zero tolerance for zombie spreaders and zombie killers during the event without exception. Our goal is to have the highest population of survivors as possible, as well as to be free of infection, by the end of the event.


As with last year, our borders will remain open to refugees from other regions who agree to abide by these terms. All are welcome to join our Cure Squadron and we will be coordinating the Squadron on a dedicated channel of the Equilism Discord server called #zombie_bureau_hq. This channel will have role-based access and not be available to the general public, both to prevent any subterfuge of our effort and to allow other chat areas to be more accommodating to those who are not participating in the event. The latter point in particular was an issue of concern last year, as Z-Day event discussion overwhelmed the server's general chat. To join our Cure Squadron, send a message to the server admin, either through a direct message or in #equilismchat by typing @Venue Administrator.


Thank you for attention! Please be safe during the upcoming zombie crisis and join our effort to combat the zombie virus! Let's aim for #1!


BWZS6mQ.png Bureau of Zombie Apocalypse Management, Mayor Isaris

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Today is the day, folks! Remember to join the Cure Squadron on Discord so we can maximize our efforts!

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