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[DRAFT] The Nutritious Breakfast Act

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The Nutritious Breakfast Act
A resolution to improve worldwide human rights and health


Category: Human Rights/Health


RECOGNIZING the importance of nutrious foods to improve and maintain good health,


REALIZING that the mandate of WA Resolution #18 (The Prisoners of War Accord) for the provision of 'fully nutritional food' for 'PoWs and Civilian and military internees' should be extended to all citizens of all member nations.


BELIEVING that daily nutrition is best served through starting each day with the availability of a nutritious breakfast.


MANDATES that all World Assembly nations shall respect the rights of each and every citizen to a healthy breakfast.


PROHIBITS the embargo of breakfast foods.


PROHIBITS all limitations upon the availability of breakfast foods.



Here's a bare-bones star (I threw it together in 5 minutes, it needs work!)


"Let them eat pancakes!" :P

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