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President Rach Receives Mandate After Gargantuan Referendum Victory

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President Rach Receives Mandate After Gargantuan Referendum Victory
By Writinglegend, Edited for Distribution by Izzy

(Europeia – November 16, 2017) – President Rach has received a firm democratic mandate from the people after a gargantuan win at the referendum polls. Fifty-four citizens voted in the affirmative for the administration, which made a whopping seventy percent of the votes received. This is one more vote than the previous, now banned, president had at the polling booth during the previous presidential election.

Due to Brunhilde's administrative ban, the presidency sat vacant. Rach, in her capacity as Vice President, ascended to the office and filled the role. A petition for a removal from the office to trigger new elections was immediately made. 

"This is not driven by animus towards Rach, whom I like," Skizzy Grey, starter of the referendum, stated. "But by a conviction that the interests of democracy and the welfare of the region would be best served by fresh elections."

The referendum quickly garnered the necessary signatures to trigger a binding vote. Debate lasted for seventy-two hours with much discourse from both sides. Individuals on the affirmative side, supporting the administration, noted that our region was 'tired' and 'exhausted' from recent events in our community, and that we would be best served by 'having stable leadership'.

"I think the best option is for us to heal and move on and then have a normal election after this term has concluded," citizen Nick Powell noted.

Individuals who looked to pass the motion of no conference noted Rach's lack of democratic mandate. They believed that the election was carried out under false pretenses, Rach and Darc had a limited role in crafting campaign vision, and the administration had a meager mandate to serve.

"We need to hold a new election to define a new mandate for the region," XIV commented. "If Rach believes she's the best choice to lead us in the coming days she needs to assemble a ticket and be elected on her own merit, with a vision crafted wholly by her and her running mate, and contrasted against the others who have a vision for Europeia."

Due to the victory at the referendum polls, the large majority of citizens have expressed their confidence in Rach's administration to lead Europeia forward. Rach will continue to serve as President, with Darcness, her appointed Vice President, assuming office. 

"This referendum and the support Darcness, the rest of administration and I have received has been truly humbling," President Rach commented in her public speech titled 'Better Together'. "We thank you for the opportunity and trust that has been placed in us as we set out to accomplish this vision."

The speech, entitled 'Better Together', established a policy vision for the Rach/Darcness administration. The outlined policy goals were to establish a high level of inclusionary activities to generate the leaders of tomorrow and give meaningful value to Assistant Ministers, have a greater level of fairness through a systematic usage of awards and honors, and attempting to get all 'meaningfully involved'.

President Rach observed many citizens who are 'on the margins' and remain frustrated with what they perceive to be a lack of opportunities or little knowledge on how to get involved. Her sole focus is to 'bring them out' of this state.

With a resounding mandate to lead Europeia, President Rach is now committed towards articulating and establishing the policies of her administration.

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