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Foreign Affairs Update - December 2017

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The Government of the West Pacific:
Delegate: Davelands
Guardians: Neenee, Saint Mark, Mediobogdum, Rigels Light, Bran Astor
Speaker: Overthinkers
MoFA: Saint Mark
Commander of TWPAF: Altincredible
MoIA: Rigels Light
MoWAA: States of Glory
MoR&C: Big Bad Badger

Elections! Place your bets!

In the month of November, voters tuned in to watch the latest election cycle.

Due to the activities surrounding Z-Day and the change in Delegate, the Speaker elections were actually a month late, despite the First Amendment to the Manners, which offset the Speaker and Ministerial elections by one month.

Nevertheless, former Speaker Drall opened the Speaker nominations on November 6, and two candidates emerged, then-Sergeant-at-Arms Overthinkers and Marilyn Manson.

Soon the ballot boxes were open and Overthinkers won in a landslide victory of 18-1. The first thing on his agenda was to open the Ministerial Elections.

The elected Minister positions include the Minister of World Assembly Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, and Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry.

States of Glory was re-elected Minister of World Assembly Affairs, gathering 20 votes.

Rigel (AKA Rigel's Light) received 21 votes, re-electing her for Minister of Internal Affairs, and 

Big Bad Badger, our immediate past Delegate, won his bid for Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry, gathering 22 votes.

After the Ministerial elections, the Speaker opened up the final round of voting, for the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Sergeant-at-Arms. These positions were hotly contested and saw some intense campaigning.

In the end, Atlae was re-elected as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Laururana was elected as Sergeant-at-Arms, filling Overthinkers' vacant spot.

What the new government will bring has yet to be seen, but we hope it will continue TWP's trend toward increased activity!

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Yo ho ho, the Pirates are here!

TWPAF continues raiding and taking chocolate to hoard in our massive vaults, but now it has a shipload of new conscripts ... er ... buccaneers! YARRRR!!

Our gentlemen/lady raiders, paid their respects to our nice "friends" in the Iron Order, sending them a birthday present for their region!



Our crew also made new friends, especially in a region called Balloons. Here's TWPAF Commander Altino on the situation.

"Once upon a time, TWPAF raided a cute little region called Balloons. The natives were happy and friendly, and so good hearted Pirates stepped in and helped them do a little redecorating.



The decorations were nice, and the natives liked the flag, but they didn't want to have pirates all over their WFE, so they changed it all back and begged the Pirates to just tell them why they looted and plundered all over NS like they did.



Normally, the Pirates would have just shrugged off the question and set sail to their next target, but these natives were kind enough to leave the Pirates with RO in their region, so we could change their WFE again! In gratitude, Pirates wrote back and explained that they were only here to help.



Hopefully the natives are glad for our reply!"

In other news, The West Pacific hosted a Halloween raid contest, where other regions such as the North Pacific, the East Pacific, et al. came to compete! We had a lot of very fun and creative flags and WFEs submitted for the contest from our fellow raiders and defenders alike. Everyone who played won a fun "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" badge made by our very own Bran Astor! Read more here: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=32799550#p32799550

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There are some exciting new Internal Affairs initiatives!

Bran, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in TWP, is cooking up something special for the West Pacific! Mmm ... smells delicious! He is putting together a cookbook of recipes contributed by players all across NS!

Another new initiative introduced under Rigel’s term by our Internal Affairs Minister herself was the emergence of Weekly Writings, of which two have been completed: "Healer of a Different Sort," and "Spooky Story Contest," the latter of which was displayed in The West Pacifican, vol. 7.

Lastly, the poll suggestion thread was opened, leaving the space for polls wide open to prospective citizens wanting to see their questions answered.

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Ball with Spiritus!

On November 30, TWP Ambassador to Spiritus Calradia announced something special - a Ball between Spiritus and the West Pacific! 

The Ball will take place on December 12, from 6-11 PM Central Standard Time. The event details are forthcoming.

This will be an opportunity to strengthen good relations between the two regions. 

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