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[Passed] SC Resolution: Liberate Iran

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Security Council Resolution At Vote

liberate.pngLiberate Iran

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Iran

Proposed by: feux__849056t2.jpgFeux

The Security Council,


Noting Iran has a treasured history that is important to the international community,


Regretting that the natives were misled by an invasion which ultimately resulted in the region's destruction behind a password,


Observing the similarities between the invasion of Greece, which resulted in Security Council Resolution #29, and the invasion of Iran:


  • August 5/7, 2013: Gharechi (also known as Avalonian persia) and Persepolis the great appeared in Iran. Persepolis the Great had been founded that very same day. Gharechi released a dispatch that day explaining their "intentions" for moving to Iran. This group antagonized the regional community while making false accusations against the native delegate.


  • December 8 2014: Baharestan took the delegacy with the support of Gharechi and Persepolis the Great and promptly ejected and banned natives. Natives were encouraged by Baharestan, Gharechi et al. to leave Iran for a backwater region named Shahish Empire that was controlled by Persian Empire (which directed the occupation of Greece). The reason given for this policy - to conserve regional influence - was plainly false. Presumably, the real intent of the policy was to mislead natives from the region to accelerate its abandonment and annihilation.


  • May - August 2014: Persepolis the Great replaces Avalonian Persia as delegate, who replaced Baharestan.


  • August 15, 2014: Persepolis the Great alters the password of the region.


  • September 8, 2014: Twenty four days later, Persepolis the Great resigns from the World Assembly.


Recognizing that a native at the time, iramerica__784978t2.pngIramerica, attempted to save the region with a liberation proposal on May 12 2014, though the nation was temporarily removed from the World Assembly for plagiarizing Security Council Resolution #29, “Liberate Greece,” putting the community at a further disadvantage,


Believing that this honored council has failed the community of Iran and ought to do everything in its power to promote security, growth and stability in the region to correct this wrong,


Encouraging interested parties to ensure the security of the region upon the passing of this resolution so that a community can develop,

Hereby Liberates Iran.



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