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February Foreign Dispatch

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Foreign Dispatch 

Volume X, Issue I 

LKE Imperial Forums LKE NationStates Page 

WA Delegate: Aelbarrow (Nick Powell)
| Nation Count: 364 | Regional Rank: 30th | 


Imperial Government
The Imperial Council 

Prime Minister: Nick Powell
Deputy Prime Minister:Edward Epistre 
Minister of the Exterior:Thomas Insaniac
Minister of the Interior:Wettinberg
Minister of Culture:Ivangorod1878
The Monarchy 

Emperor: Theoden Sebastian
Emperor Emeritus:Onder Kelkia
Crown Prince: Linkin Talleyrand
Prince Imperial: Akillian Talleyrand
The Imperial Senate 

President: Edward Epistre (The Wolf Pact)
Senator: Julio of Nulkia-Sova (The Lion Party)
Senator: Vedant Madan (The Lion Party)
Senator: Nick Powell (The Lion Party)
Senator: Thomas Insaniac (Independent) 


The New Emperor! 

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His Supreme Majesty Theoden Sebastian has ascended to the throne of The Land of Kings and Emperors and all of its Imperial Realms. As the Proclamation of Accession was made by the Lord High Steward on January 8th; that date shall be remembered as Succession Day as long as His Supreme Majesty Theoden Sebastian continues to reign. The former Prince Imperial Linkin Talleyrand has been recognized as the new Crown Prince of the realm while Akillian Talleyrand is now recognized as Prince Imperial and Lord Chancellor. His Supreme Majesty Onder Kelkia, Emperor of the LKE for much of the prior decade, is now recognized as the Emperor Emeritus. Long live Theoden Sebastian!

An Imperial Shuffle 

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January has been a tumultuous month for His Supreme Majesty’s government. In early January our Minister of Culture, Kaiserholt, announced his resignation from the position. The Ministry of Culture was then subsequently put under the direction of Minister of the Interior, Vedant Madan, as the Prime Minister searched for a suitable replacement for Kaiserholt. The situation was further complicated by the subsequent resignation of Vedant Madan citing real life circumstances. In time, the Prime Minister found suitable replacements for both situations. Ivangorod1878, a Junior Minister of Communications, was appointed to lead the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of the Interior was put under Wettinberg, a long standing member of His Supreme Majesty’s Diplomatic Corps. With these appointments, the shuffling of the Imperial Cabinet has culminated. 


To Arms! Habsburg Infantry 

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As we have welcomed a new Emperor in January, we also welcomed a new Chief of the Imperial General Staff. Linkin Talleyrand, our Crown Prince, has overseen a new breath of activity within the Imperial Army. The Land of Kings and Emperors was proud to participate in a coalition, of our friends and allies, successfully attacking and occupying the known defenderist region of Westphalia. The operation, led primarily by The Black Hawks, was attended by General Linkin Talleyrand himself and has seen the deployment of The Habsburg Infantry in the ensuing days. Westphalia has a long defenderist history, being the second largest region in the defender organization SWORD. Its occupation shall serve as a display of the military will of the LKE and our friends and allies. Furthermore, January also saw the Imperial Army culminate an operation in United Islands, where we were supporting our friends in The Roman Empire. Finally, this month has seen a noticeable uptick in the registration of new soldiers in the Imperial Army. 

Other News Of The Realm... 

-Nick Powell, our World Assembly Delegate, has announced his resignation from the post. This marks the end of his three year tenure as delegate, the longest of any in LKE History.

-The LKE General elections are scheduled to occur on February 9th. 

Brought to you by the Ministry of the Exterior

On behalf of His Supreme Majesty's Government, Peers, Electors and the Imperial Family of the LKE.

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Thank you for the update, always good to hear from LKE.


A three year Delegacy for Nick Powell? Well done!

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