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SC Resolution: Liberate The Communical Confederacy

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Liberate The Communal Confederacy

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): The Communal Confederacy

Proposed by: la_navasse__106803t2.pngLa Navasse

The Security Council,

Observing that The Communal Confederacy, a revolutionary leftist region, once had over forty nations in its youth;

Noting the region’s decline and inactivity, especially after the Founder, The faj federation, ceased to exist;

Distraught at the current occupation by the fascist KAISERREICH, who has locked down the region;

Appalled by the high number of “Colonies”, or trophy regions, that the invading region possesses;

Highly Disturbed by the near certainty of regional destruction and a refound of The Communal Confederacy by KAISERREICH;

Distressed by the actions of the recent foreign delegate and current Homeland Officer, fox_mulderss__980765t2.jpgFox Mulderss, and the "Additional Necessary Duties" wanton_disregard__39101t2.pngWanton Disregard towards destroying the region;

Believing that the region will not reach its fullest potential, which it had barely shown in its youth, without a SC Liberation;

Hereby Liberates The Communal Confederacy.



Please vote For, Against, or Abstain on how the WA Delegate should vote.

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