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Foreign Affairs Update - April 2018

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The West Pacific Foreign Update - April 2018 
Delegate: Davelands 
Guardians: Big Bad Badger 
The Holy Principality of Saint Mark 
Rigels Light 
Bran Astor
Recruitment and Citizenry: Big Bad Badger 
Foreign Affairs: Saint Mark 
Internal Affairs: Bran Astor 
World Assembly Affairs: Arotania 
TWPAF Commander: Overthinkers 
Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Overthinkers
Deputy Ministers:
Sergeant-At-Arms: Kawaii 
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ark

Posted Image 
(pictured: Artist's interpretation of Guardian Bran Astor after his intense physical training.)

Goldbeard's Gym Fitness Challenge a Wild Success!

The West Pacific Guardian Bran Astor held a fitness challenge this last month, which lasted 28 days. The challenge involved a substantial amount of sweating and smelly saquatches, but the participants certainly felt it was worthwhile! According to Bran, at least 3 people participated, cited the challenge as one the hardest they had ever done. The West Pacific is proud of Bran Astor for his commitment to health and fitness. His challenge can be found here, for those who dare attempt it themselves: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=993167. Bran also gave a statement on the challenge: 

"It has been a busy month for IA with a 28-day fitness challenge, the rise of the Nee Pacific Order, the introduction of Haikuesday and Thank You Thursday, as well as several daily observances!" 

Posted Image 
(pictured: The Symbol of the NeePO.) 

Hail the Nee Pacific Order!

The West saw a major structural change early on in April, as the government made the decision to embrace its feederite nature to the fullest extent. The result, logically, was the Nee Pacific Order! The WFE was changed to a very appreciable blue-and-yellow color pallet. The West also adopted a flag that definitely, 100%, was NOT the flag of the (unrelated) New Pacific Order, combined with the notorious symbol of the late great humanitarian group known as the Empire. This was a momentous occasion for the native nations of the West Pacific, who have nothing to lose but their chains! Sadly, the feederite regime couldn't last forever, and so with the passing of April Fool's, the West Pacific has returned to its business as usual. West Pacificans will never forget the NeePO, though. Hail Neecifica! 

Posted Image 
(pictured: Artistic repesentation of Lazarus.) 

Lazarus: Is It Cool or Is It Whack?

Not-so-Stunned onlookers noticed yet another Lazarene government transition this past month. This time, the Khanate of Lazarus was overthrown by Khanate General Imkiville, in favor of total anarchy. For about a week, Lazarus had no government, no endorsement cap, and more factions vying for power than you could care to name. Later on, this anarchy proved to be a publicity stunt, as Imkiville had planned to set up a constitutional convention. The convention is currently ongoing, with several natives, allied government officials, and Cormac participating in one fashion or another. TWP Delegate Davelands released a semi-offical statement on Lazarus on the 26th, stating that the West is hopeful that Imkiville be able to build a Lazarene government by the natives, for the natives.

Posted Image 
(pictured: TWP/LKE partnership flag.) 

The West Pacific and the LKE Hold Interregional Gala

The West Pacific and the Land of Kings and Emperors further solidified their diplomatic relations this last month by holding an interregional Gala. The Gala lasted for three days and was held the LKE's offsite forum, as well as TWP's Discord Server. It served as a great way for citizens of both regions to meet each other and establish friendship. Many pleasant memories were made, and The West thanks the LKE for this opportunity to get to know them better. We also hope that we will have the opportunity to engage with LKE diplomatically more often in the future!

Edited by Overthinkers

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