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Foreign Affairs Update - May 2018

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The West Pacific Foreign Update - March 2018

The West Pacific Holds Its 5th Regional Elections

Delegate: Davelands 

Big Bad Badger
The Holy Principality of Saint Mark
Bran Astor 
Arkadia Universalis

Recruitment and Citizenry: Big Bad Badger
Foreign Affairs: Ark
Internal Affairs: Bran Astor
World Assembly Affairs: Arotania
TWPAF Commander: Overthinkers
Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Overthinkers

Deputy Ministers:
Sergeant-At-Arms: Chervil
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Wyvern

The West Pacific held it's 5th cycle of regional elections this month, starting with the vote for Speaker of the Hall of Nations on the 5th through the 8th. Incumbent Speaker Overthinkers won out over Candidate Atlae Isles, with 63.64% of the vote. The West then held the votes for the ministries of Recruitment & Citizenry, Internal Affairs, and World Assembly Affairs on the 12th through the 18th. TWP Guardian Halo Rahl ran for Recruitment & Citizenry unopposed. Bran Astor ran for Internal Affairs unopposed as well, winning with 100% of the vote. Arotania ran for World Assembly Affairs and won. The last round of voting commenced for Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Sergeant-At-Arms on the 12th and ended on the 16th. Wyvern ran unopposed for Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and won with 100% of the vote. Cher ran against Sousted for Sergeant-at-Arms and won with 100% of the vote as well. The West Pacific would also like to congratulate (abstain) for their persistence and dedication in running for every position, every time so far.

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Welcome to the WPBR
Welcome to something new in GCR culture. Riders from across the West Pacific and her allied regions come together weekly to face-off against 1,500 pounds of fury. Competition starts May 9th and runs through September 1st. Contact Internal Affairs minister Bran Astor to enter your rider. Entry window runs from Saturday to Tuesday. Events are held every Wednesday.

Find the latest results and current standings here: 

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Everyday Events!
IA has also been having fun with the region's Discord icon thanks to the Today in the West program. Join us for new recurring events like Haikuesday and Thank You Thursday as well as one-shots like Pizza, Scrabble, and High Five Days.

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IA is also pleased to announce a new publishing program spearheaded by Deputy Minister Kawaii Schoolgirl's TWP Magazine (
https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1024872) . Authors and artists alike are encouraged to create original works such as short stories, lyrics, poems, paintings, drawings, and mock magazine covers to be showcased monthly. 

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