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Foreign Affairs Update - June/July 2018

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The West Pacific Foreign Update - June/July 2018
Delegate: Neenee 

Big Bad Badger
The Holy Principality of Saint Mark
Arkadia Universalis

Recruitment and Citizenry: The Holy Principality of Saint Mark
Foreign Affairs: Ark
Internal Affairs: Kawaii
World Assembly Affairs: Arotania
TWPAF Commander: Overthinkers
Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Kawaii
Deputy Ministers:
Sergeant-At-Arms: Cher
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Wyvern


The West Pacific & The Black Hawks

After a much-discussed Joint Action between The East and West Pacifics last March, the blacklist of The Black Hawks has been rescinded. To quote our esteemed Delegate Davelands, "After discussing the matter internally, with our friends in The East Pacific, and with The Black Hawks, The West Pacific hereby rescinds our blacklisting of The Black Hawks. In reviewing the issues between us, we have come to the conclusion that such a severe punishment is no longer necessary. TBH members are free to re-enter TWP and TWPAF.” This came to the delight of many members as some friends had left unable to choose between regions.


The West Pacific Armed Forces Update

First off, congratulations are in order to those who were promoted this month. So without further ado, congratulations Greenhorn Alpora to the rank of Striker and Powder Monkey Cher to the officer rank of Gunner! Since her promotion, Cher has followed the footsteps of our once great Delegate and badgered the crew to death, triggering two raids, one of which was 50 targets!


A Delegate Steps Down

July marks the last month of Davelands as Delegate. We would first like to thank him for his amazing work over the past year and dedication to the improvement of The West Pacific. Davelands has served around 300 days. He had this to say about his retirement: “As someone who grew up in The West Pacific, I am especially proud of the new generation of home-grown leaders that have taken up so many important positions for us. I know that the future of The West Pacific will be stronger than ever because of their work.” The incumbent Delegate Neenee has been active since 2004 and in fact, has been Delegate of TWP before. We look forward to her delegacy and are anxious to see what changes Neenee will bring.

PS: Dave’s entire farewell speech can be found here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1068814


Signing off and see you next month,

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