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NS -N-Day<sup>3</sup>: The Aftermath

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That concludes our third annual N-Day! Please hand in your nuclear launch capabilities to the steward.

Final Leaderboard

Reigning N-Day champions Augustin Alliance were a hot target early on, literally. More like RAINING HOT NUCLEAR FIRE champions, you might say.

That left the path clear for N-Day2 runners-up UPPERCUT to deliver a knockout blow! And it really was a nuclear blowout, with the new champs winning by over 100,000 points.

Thank you for participating in N-Day3! And remember: nuclear exchanges are much more fun when they're simulated.

More stats to come! This post will be updated shortly.

Update! During N-Day:

  • 826 factions were created

  • 16,263 nations joined a faction

  • 1,715,906 nukes were targeted

  • 1,276,503 nukes were launched

  • 894,432 strikes occurred for 738,999 radiation

  • 383,796 nukes were shot down

Once again, the faction from Forest recorded the highest score while taking zero radiation, thanks to the excellent nuclear shelter provided by Canopy.

Also now available: Your Permanent N-Day3 Archive!

Update 2!

And here are some Factions that managed to finish with a score per nation above 100:

Nations Score Per Nation
Ever Victorious Army 1 644.0
heck hounds 3 295.7
Look Horatio, its the Indy! 2 217.0
Brotherhood of Nod 2 150.0
Reborn Foundation Nuclear Department 23 119.5
The E Team 45 119.4
Sit Aeterna Aeternum 59 118.1
Leftist Unity 65 114.1
Canopy 579 109.0
The AA Nukem 1 109.0
148th Artillery Regiment 6 102.2


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