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Foreign Affairs Update - September 2018

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September - 2018

Davelands, Big Bad Badger, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, Overthinkers, Arkadia Universalis, Kawaii Schoolgirl
 Recruitment and Citizenry: The Holy Principality of Saint Mark
Foreign Affairs: Big Bad Badger
Internal Affairs: Davelands
World Assembly Affairs: Kawaii Schoolgirl
TWPAF Commander: Overthinkers
Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Kawaii Schoolgirl
Deputy Ministers:
Sergeant-At-Arms: Chervil
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: KhanterWinters

This is an update, do not panic!
Fall is started, Summer Holidays reach their end, and with it, the Foreign Affairs Office of TWP is back in action. We are sorry if in anytime there was not an update, and we assure to our allies that this will not happend any period of time soon. We are willing to be there with our envoy, ready to help, and ready to inform the latest interesting news for you.

TWP Joined into the Osiris Joint Group in N-Day
Pirates of Nile Is the name of the 4th place in this Third season of Nuke Day, quoting Fallout, War, War Never Change Most of Nations with their puppets joined to N-Day, and for TWP was not the Exception. A joint Force called Pirates of Nile with Osiris as Headmaster, with other members of other regions like Caer Sidi, leaded by Kawaii, Rigel and Altino. Was an Amazing Experience in an Amazing place in the leaderboard.

Celebrate TWP
The West Pacific is celebrating 15 years on Nationstates, and is inviting you to party here in the Best pacific! You've never seen a celebration quite like this—we have fun and engaging games, dynamic roleplay, captivating articles, and free gifts for our guests! We are also pleased to announce the construction of The West Pacific Bar, a place for adult players to relax and chat. The Celebrate TWP chat will also be active and will be a channel dedicated to the event, and will post updates on the event as as current standings on the games and contests. So what are you waiting for, join the fun now!
More information in the Official Dispatch of Celebrate TWP.

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