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NS -Z-Day<sup>7</sup>: Latest Research

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This is the secret WASP office of, well, zombie preparedness. The backup one. Here's the latest research from the latest researchers.

First, there's more good news! The lightly-gnawed upon notes of Professor Brooks indicate that with minor adjustments, your anti-zombie superweapons can be re-targeted to remove undead saboteurs from infiltrated command and control structures. This will restore the nation to its previous stance. Your allies and friends will be able to help you. You do have allies and friends, don't you?

Unfortunately, there is also bad news. Don't ask us how we know, but it's clear that strains of undead have developed which handle the absence of survivors better. They just don't die- Err.. They don't "de-animate", at least not as quickly. So if you're looking forward to the zombie problem just going away on its own... Sorry?


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