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Foreign Affairs Update - January 2019

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the_holy_principality_of_saint_mark__104The Holy Principality of Saint Mark


kawaii_schoolgirl__383676t2.jpgKawaii Schoolgirl, arkadia_universalis__372988t2.jpgArkadia Universalis, chervil__33085t2.jpgChervil, dalimbar__944711t2.pngDalimbar, yy4u__210049t2.jpgYy4u, mediobogdum__150045t2.jpgMediobogdum


Recruitment and Citizenry: overthinkers__313588t2.pngOverthinkers

Foreign Affairs: kawaii_schoolgirl__383676t2.jpgKawaii Schoolgirl

Internal Affairs: dewilands__281498t2.pngDewilands

World Assembly Affairs: nrevyw__744022t2.jpgNrevyw

Education: dalimbar__944711t2.pngDalimbar

TWPAF Commander: chervil__33085t2.jpgChervil

Speaker of the Hall of Nations: arkadia_universalis__372988t2.jpgArkadia Universalis

Deputy Ministers:

Sergeant-At-Arms: alchera__801994t2.jpgAlchera

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: khanterwinters__568295t2.jpgKhanterWinters



The West Pacific Update - New Theme

That's right, those who were on discord server on February 4, 2019, saw a dragon, not one of myth and legend, but a real dragon! Throughout the month of January, the delegate, with the participation of the Hall of Nations, Cabinet and several of the Guardians, especially Ark, OT and Kawaii, worked on selecting and forming a new and unique theme for our region. They narrowed it down to Imperial China, Shogunate Japan and Czarist Russia. These three were then offered in a poll to the region. 
The days of the Rising Sun have ended and with it, the tiger and dragon awake (Those who live in video games understood that reference.)!



The Holy Principality of Saint Mark announces the New Theme and Invites all Residents to participate

"Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!"

On the night of February 4, 2019, the delegate announced that Fujai, with his extraordinary talent and imagination was the winner! The region will use his designs and ideas, along with others, to move us in a new direction.


Halo Rahl Yesterday at 23:16

"I am pleased to announce Fujai as the winner of The West Pacific Theme Contest! All the entries, those posted in the official channel and those posted elsewhere, were terrific.

Congratulations on your beautiful and thoughtful work! We will be using elements from several of them to create our new environment. This will be done over the next few weeks and has begun with our new regional flag!"




A Night with the Mastermind of the New TWP Theme

You could not afford to miss out on getting to know a little more about the designer, so despite the untimely hours of the night, I made a small interview with Fujai:

Khanter: How do you feel being the winner of the future of TWP Theme?



"I’m just glad to have had the opportunity to do something good for the region. Even though this theme wasn’t my first choice, I was glad to participate in the contest. I was really impressed by the other entries, and I especially like the minimalist style of the flag Kawaii submitted.

Some regional changes have been in order for a while and a new theme is a great first step towards that. The lead up wasn’t nearly as smooth or transparent as it could have been, but now that we’ve gotten to the end of the contest, I hope to see a lot more community involvement in the way TWP goes forward!"


K: How did you develop all those brilliant Ideas?



I’ve been in favor of new regional branding for a long while now, and I took a lot of my ideas from designs I’ve been working on for many months. The most important part of any design is the color choice. Color is the first thing the brain recognizes, and sets the tone for everything else. Crimson and violet are the traditional colors of TWP, and I chose two vibrant shades that I thought could capture the spirit of the region.

I didn’t have time to design my own, so the dragon came from an amazing piece of art by Sodacan on Wikimedia Commons (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chinese_Dragon.svg). It’s based on an emblem that originated in the Tang Dynasty (618 CE-907 CE). I recolored it to fit TWP’s colors and it’s turned out to be a fantastic regional emblem!

The most difficulty I had was in trying to find the right font for the new theme. I waded through hundreds of different ones and was having a tough time finding any that fit the theme without being tacky and culturally appropriative. I eventually settled on Molot for headings and Arkhip for subheadings, and I think their blockiness contrasts well with the flowing lines of the dragon."

K: What will be your next challenge?



"I’ve got a couple projects in the works right now! The first is to propose regional legislation to promote more activity and restructure the government. A part of that means reaching out to the Ministry of Education to help overhaul TWP’s official dispatches into something that befits our region. We’re the only feeder that doesn’t have an official, centralized dispatch system, and that cannot be allowed to continue. My hope is that we can use this period of change to foster a real sense of community ownership in regional affairs as we go forward."

K: Wow, thanks (also it's 3am, lets sleep) I will let you know by first hand the update tomorrow!




"Oh sleep sounds like a fantastic idea, I honestly don't know where the last two hours went





Yep, this is not a Drill, Elections Around the Corner and Coming Soon!

Through my reliable source, our Delegate Halo, it is reported that the TWP cabinet will have new elections just around the corner; starting on the 10th and 16th of this month. Who will be the new nominees under the new titles of the region? What will be their new projects? Will chocolate continue to flow ever increasingly to our Lady Darkesia? Find out all this and more next week!




TWPAF's Last Big Joint Raid with the Rising Sun Pirate Flag

TWPAF held it's last big Joint raid with the Rising Sun Pirate Flag just weeks ago. First Mate, Victoria Kawaii Astorra-Wintony, gives us a Brief Overview of the climactic raid with Osiris' Legion:


"The raid of Politics Amino was initially pretty well-received, The West Pacific Armed Forces came in to support Osiris' occupation of the region, and not long after the region was successfully passworded with all natives kicked out. Soon after, there was a small group from Osiris' Legion who attempted and successfully refound the region. This proved to be a bit controversial in the region, as the Legion's Moshir had made a promise to save the native RMB and failed to do so before the refound. This had opened the floor in Osiris' Legion to discuss the creation of an official Code of Conduct for the Legion in its future operations. Regardless of these outcomes, TWPAF is still happy to work with our Allies from The Legion."


Credits of TWP Rising Sun Pirate Flag and Seal for bran_astor__687742t2.jpgBran Astor. | Chinese Flag, and them of fujai__49052t2.pngFujai.

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