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The North Star - Issue V

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sG8YGQy.png The Spotlight #16: Interview with Great Bight's Mum

by Marcus Antonius, Deputy Minister of Communications Views in this interview may not reflect the views of TNP's government


Marcus Antonius and GBM share a bottle of Shiraz

Marcus Antonius: Welcome to The Spotlight, GBM! I am delighted you were able to take part in this series of interviews.


GBM: Thanks for asking me.


Marcus Antonius: I am relatively new to NS compared to yourself and I know little about you. Could you tell me how you came to join NS?


GBM: About 15 years ago, my brother, whose son had starting playing in college, suggested I might enjoy it. He said, "You make your own country and just answer issues. It takes only a couple of minutes a day." HA!


Marcus Antonius: (laughing) So, what made you pick TNP?


GBM: Fate. I was founded here. At first I wasn't sure I was going to stay, but everyone was so nice - Magicality, Thel D'ran, Blackshear, Poe/Indy Girl, that I decided this was the place for me. And Flem. Can't leave out Flemingovia


Marcus Antonius: That's exactly how I find TNP, really friendly and welcoming. Did you join the ministries straight away? What positions have you held here prior to being on the Security Council?


GBM: Actually, the whole thing was very foreign to me. I had no idea what a forum even was when I started playing. So I lurked for several weeks trying to figure things out.


Marcus Antonius: Yes, that was my experience as well, I found the spam games gave me more confidence. What ministries did you join?


GBM: My first position was MoC for Thel's Government-in-Exile during Great Bight's delegacy. I've been an ambassador, NPA, Vice Delegate and Delegate on a few occasions.


Marcus Antonius: That's really impressive GBM! What was your favourite Ministry or role? GBM: Delegate. Hands down. It is a fine thing to be Delegate in a GCR.


Marcus Antonius: You mentioned Thel's Government-in-Exile during Great Bight's delegacy, this sounds like a very interesting time in TNP's history. Can you give me a summary please?


GBM: Yes, I hadn't been playing very long when all hell broke loose. We suddenly had a rogue delegate who was banning nations left and right. Great Bight was RPing a 12 year old pirate. (BTW, My original nation was not GBM, I created this one to harass him on the RMB. After all, how heartless would someone have to be to ban his own mother?) Anyway, GB had removed the forum link on the RMB, and replaced it with an elementary school student's piratey website. So we needed to reach as many nations as we could through TG, and by keeping the forum link on the RMB. Remember, in those days once the posts scrolled off the RMB, they were lost to the ether. There was no mass TGing. There were no scans for nations needing endorsements. Everything was quite labor-intensive. Also, there was no influence cost for the delegate in terms of banning nations. After several weeks of unendorsement campaigns, and rallying support from other regions, the Puppetmaster invasion led by Better Times/Ballatonia was successful in unseating GB. For me, the GB delegacy was an experience that fostered a true commitment to regional security. The GIE was created to have a functioning government which could step in once GB was unseated. Avengers Assemble was the region many of us gathered to coordinate things.


Marcus Antonius: That is incredible! That must have been a terrible time for TNP and very understandable that, like myself, you take security seriously. I wondered how you got the name Great Bites Mum. Are there any particularly noteworthy moments during your time as Delegate or the Security Council?


GBM: In 2008 Lewis & Clark, aka Westwind was elected Delegate. He established the Crimson Order, which was in fact a rogue delegacy. It very much divided the region, and it was corrupt at its core. Once I regained the delegacy, we had real problems in terms of unity. Now, we could follow the constitution and try numerous nations for war crimes, but I already had a deep disillusionment with the judicial process which was in place at the time. I also believed that drawn out litigation would further divide the region. So, I decided to grant amnesty to the members of the Crimson Order. I believed that rebuilding the community was more important than the letter of the law. I had already lived through the spirit-crushing Pixiedance regime, and I wanted to try and foster some unity in TNP.


Marcus Antonius: You have seen some really trying times GBM. Do you think the judicial processes in place now are better?


GBM: Of course, they are much improved now. Everything is improved! TNP is so much more sophisticated now than it was back then. Pre-McMasterdonia, we were a tribe. Now we are an organization.


Marcus Antonius: That is reassuring. Those must have been very dark times for TNP. Would you ever like to be delegate again?


GBM: No. Even after 15 years of NS, the list of nations who get to be delegate in a GCR is pretty short. I'd like to see as many people as possible get the chance to give it a go.


Marcus Antonius: Would you say being a delegate is a stressful position?


GBM: Yes, but in a really good way. It has become a much bigger job than it used to be, so if someone cannot make the time commitment, then that would be a problem. But the stress of running things here beats RL stress, since the consequences if you mess up are, well, make-believe.


Marcus Antonius: That's very true. What was the most, positive, memorable thing that has happened to you in NS?


GBM: It isn't just one thing. It is more the sense of community I've gained through sharing this NS experience over the years with so many people from different countries, with different viewpoints, and different walks of life. Yet somehow, by being brought together here, it gives us more in common than we know.


Marcus Antonius: You are right, it is a TNP family and that is great. My next question I hope, brings a smile to your face. What motivated you to eject McM during ZDay when you knew it would cost you so much influence?


GBM: It was an accident. I was looking for where to check to see what the influence cost would be if he were to be ejected. That button wasn't where I thought it was. And the next thing I knew - Poof! It said, in red, "McMasterdonia has been relocated to the Rejected Realms." And that's when the screaming started. OMG! I still can't believe it happened.


Marcus Antonius: (laughs) That must have been quite a shock! It's a shame it doesn't give you a warning like "Are you sure you wish to perform this action" Obviously McM made it back from the Rejected Realms OK. It must have been a bit embarrassing for you. I am sure the Security Council were supportive of you. I hope you laugh about it now.


GBM: I too, thought a confirmation screen would be a nice feature. But then I thought about how much it would slow down a delegate who wanted to do mass bannings.(laughs)


Marcus Antonius: What image is your Avvy? great_bights_mum__228333.png


GBM: it was a gift from Thel.


Marcus Antonius: Do you know who the character is?


GBM: I do not.


Marcus Antonius: Do you have any plans for where you want to take the Security Council?


GBM: Not really. The SC is here in case bad things happen. We aren't political. We are just defenders of the region. I do agree that every council member should be visible and active in the region.


Marcus Antonius: That's sensible. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received on NS?


GBM: Ah... that's easy. Thel once said "Everyone has the right to play the game as they see fit."


Marcus Antonius: For good or bad, hero or villain?


GBM: Yes. It is truth. There are so many paths to take and each is allowed to choose for himself.


Marcus Antonius: Wise words indeed, this is fantasy after all. What advice would you give any newcomers to the region to have a successful career here?


GBM: Have fun! Look around and find what interests you, there is so much to do. Talk to people in the ministries you want to be involved with. Ask for help if you need it. Have fun! Alternative advice: Join the NPA. Everyone should do a stint in the military. It builds character, teamwork and it's fun. If I wasn't SC I would be NPA.


Marcus Antonius: Two lots of advice from GBM! Both good. Is there anyone in the region in particular whom you look up to, and if so, why?


GBM: The short list of people I look up to is still pretty long. But, first would be Flemingovia, because he is God.


Marcus Antonius: Not that we are expecting you to disappear soon GBM, but how do you want to be remembered in TNP?


GBM: I resolutely do not like to blow my own horn, Marcus. Keeper of the flame, maybe. I've also called myself everybody's Mum.


Marcus Antonius: (laughs) I like that. What do you want your legacy to TNP to be?


GBM: That I did as much as I could to keep TNP safe. If a community doesn't feel secure, it is difficult for it to flourish and grow, and be creative and just have fun.


Marcus Antonius: That is an honourable and wonderful legacy GBM. What’s the question nobody ever asks you but you wish they would?


GBM: I'm drawing a blank.


Marcus Antonius: (laughs) That's ok. Alright, before we bring this interview to an end, is there anything you'd like to add?


GBM: No, I am done waxing philosophical on NS. Did you have fun?


Marcus Antonius: I certainly have. It was an absolute pleasure speaking to you. Thank you for answering the questions. I shall see you on the spam threads no doubt.


GBM: Thank you. It was lovely.

The lights fade and Marcus produces a bottle of Shiraz


Marcus Antonius: I thought this would be a change from Rum.


GBM: (laughs) I love Shiraz, mind you I will drink anything except Gin.

sG8YGQy.png Regional Assembly Highlights

by Artemis, Speaker of the Regional Assembly


Regional Assembly February 2019

Speaker of The Regional Assembly: Artemis

Deputy Speakers of The Regional Assembly: Ark, Bobberino and Bootsie






Extension of Border Control Powers to Nessuno put forward by Delegate Pallaith.


Status: Passed Summary: Pursuant to Chapter 7, Clause 9 of the Legal Code: ”In the event of a Delegate Emergency, or with the permission of a majority vote of the Regional Assembly, the Serving Delegate may assign Border Control powers to any member of the Security Council.” Delegate Pallaith has requested the Regional Assembly grant Security Councillor Nessuno to help assist moderating the RMB of TNP.

Votes in Favor (27)


Great Bights Mum


Crushing Our Enemies


Thomas Insaniac













El Fiji Grande

John Maynard [


Haor Chall




Advancia-Sizzletown -Enjolras


Votes Opposed (8)





Far Easter Republic

Alex Fierro




Abstentions (3)

Sil Dorsett





SIZE=7]Current Business[/SIZE]


Amendment to the Rules of the Regional Assembly put forward by Artemis.


Status: In Discussion

Summary: During the past several months, Artemis had seen some comments about amending the rules of the Regional Assembly. Therefore, he would like to present a draft for consideration of some changes. None are too drastic and would be beneficial.


RMB Regulations Bill put forward by Artemis.


Status: In Discussion

Summary: This bill expands upon the Delegate of the North Pacific power to regulate the RMB as they see fit by allowing offending nations to be ejected or banned from the region. Current laws already specify that these regulations must not prohibit speech which is in the context of TNP Politics, nor conflict with other laws, Bill of Rights or the Constitution.


Vice Delegate Check Efficiency Bill, put forward by Sil Dorsett.


Status: In Discussion

Summary: Vice Delegate Sil Dorsett has proposed an amendment to Section 6.1 of the Legal Code which deals with the Vice Delegate’s Security Checks of nations applying for citizenship in TNP.


Recall Novare Res from the Security Council put forward by McMasterdonia.


Status: Cancelled

Summary: A motion to recall Novare Res, aka Romanoffia, was put forward by McMasterdonia following a recent publication by the Vice Delegate detailing endorsements received, and given by members of the Security Council. It was noted that Romanoffia had only endorsed 11% of WA members of TNP, but still maintained the legal requirements of the office. Discussion on this issue came down to what should be expected of members of the Security Council and calls for Romanoffia to respond. Once a response was received from Romanoffia, several members were still not satisfied and motioned for a vote. Prior to the conclusion of the vote, Romanoffia resigned from the Security Council. The recall and the vote were thus cancelled.


The Ministerial Ethics Law put forward by Wonderess.


Status: In Discussion

Summary: A proposal to establish a Mandatory Ministry that will be charged with ethical affairs of the government of TNP. The purpose of this office will be to decrease corruption in the regional government by advising the Delegate on issues regarding ethics and producing public reports of government activity that will be available to the citizens of the region.


Recall Reform Act put forward by Romanoffia.


Status: In Discussion

Summary: A discussion brought forward to add specific instances that a government official of TNP can be recalled by the Regional Assembly. Currently, the Regional Assembly can recall any official for any reason with a 2/3rds majority vote. While no specific changes have been proposed, the thought process is to prevent a recall of an official unless a specific violation of a specific law or legal requirement of position is cited. The Regional Assembly would still be required to meet a 2/3rds majority to recall an official.


NPA Doctrine - Consistency, put forward by Knightblood.


Status: In Discussion

Summary: A member of the NPA has proposed an amendment to provide consistency between the title of Chapter 8 of the Legal Code and the text of it. The current legal name for the military of TNP is the North Pacific Armed Forces (NPAF), while the colloquial name of the organization is the North Pacific Army (NPA). This proposal seeks to change the legal name from the NPAF to the NPA.


sG8YGQy.png North Pacific Army Bulletin February 2019

by Dinoium, Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs




Minister of Defense Darcania

Deputy Ministers of Defense Bobberino and Malphe



The North Pacific Army has entered into the second month of 2019 with the Delegate Transition in The South Pacific.



Islands of Tonga promoted to Private First Class


ACR of Deerfenland promoted to Corporal.*


[title]Mission Logs[/title]



 [title]Other Announcements[/title]

The Soldier of The Issue is Minister of World Assembly Affairs and Private First Class TlomzKrano.

The Officer of The Issue is Lieutenant John Maynard.

The High Command Officer of The Issue is Deputy Minister of Defense and Major Bobberino.

The North Pacific Armed Forces Doctrine is currently being discussed in the Regional Assembly for amending.

Two people have been removed from the North Pacific Army for Inactivity and failing to maintain a nation in the region.

sG8YGQy.png World Assembly Digest

by El Fiji Grande, Minister of Communications


General Assembly Improving the world one resolution at a time.


Right to Self-defense

Status: Failed

Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For: 5,575 Against: 10,531

Final Vote (TNP): For: 162 Against: 430 Percentage of WA nations voting: 41.2%


Recommendation: This proposal is being resubmitted despite it having been previously repealed for cause. The author has made some minor amendments, but their attempt to shoehorn the fix into the old version, instead of rewriting from scratch has left a convoluted document that claims to fight government oppression but affords citizens no coherent means by which to do so. Many other problems can be cited, including an unnecessary grocery list of weapons and a defined threshold for their use that is highly subjective. Self defense is a very complex issue that requires case by case interpretation and evaluation far more intricate than a generic piece of legislation can address for every single WA nation. Rights to self-defense should develop organically through each nation's judiciary and be appropriate to their culture. Matters of government oppression are better handled in WA legislation that is more thoughtfully constructed than this. For this reason, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.


Defending the Rights of Sexual and Gender Minorities

Status: Passed

Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For: 8,758 Against: 7,400

Final Vote (TNP): For: 295 Against: 272 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.8%


Recommendation: This proposal is well-meaning in its goal of ending sexual and gender discrimination and ensuring marriage rights are fully and completely extended to the LGBTQ+ community, but close examination of the content reveals some critical flaws. Firstly, the Ministry believes that the Charter of Civil Rights (GAR#035) already prohibits discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity, making a large part of this proposal redundant. Clause 3 mandates member nations punish organizations for discriminatory practices but does not allow for an exemption for compelling practical purposes. Under the proposed legislation an organization that assists victimized women could be penalized for having a policy of hiring only biological women. Additionally, clause 5 specifically exempts religious institutions from the scope of the proposal. It is the belief of the Ministry that religious beliefs are insufficient grounds to excuse discriminatory practices. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting Against the proposal.


Command Responsibility

Status: Passed

Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For: 13,020 Against: 2,806

Final Vote (TNP): For: 501 Against: 72 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.0%


Recommendation: This well-crafted proposal seeks to ensure reciprocal protections for individuals both up and down the chain of military command. It is designed to both prevent war crimes from being committed, and to provide a disciplinary framework for those who violate the accepted rules of engagement. Given significant attention are the rights of military subordinates to legally decline orders that contravene established law, placing the onus on those issuing such orders. Similar protections are extended to military commanders, limiting their responsibility for any rogue, illegal actions of their charges in the field, provided those rogue individuals are held by their commanders, to account. Throughout existing WA legislation, actions defined as war crimes are surprisingly few and tend toward the most commonly understood and egregious acts. The mandatory education clause ensures widespread understanding of fair rules of engagement across the spectrum of the military and makes clear what actions would be contrary to those rules. The Ministry believes this framework will help to establish a prescient culture of fair conduct in combat, greatly decreasing the likelihood of illegalities. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.


On Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes

Status: Passed

Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For: 14,393 Against: 2,960

Final Vote (TNP): For: 518 Against: 49 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.7%


Recommendation: This proposal wants a healthier WA and seeks to place stringent regulations on the producers of tobacco products. These regulations include the placement of clear warnings on tobacco packaging, prohibition of advertising, and mandatory public education about the risks of use. There is some common-sense regulation placed on tobacco use by the public, like a prohibition of sale to minors. As an alternative to complete prohibition, the proposal requires that nations encourage tobacco users toward safer forms of nicotine ingestion, like electronic cigarettes, gum, patches, or mists, which don't rely on the dangerous inhalation of burning tobacco leaves. While not sweeping in scope of change, this proposal does represent a transition away from the cancer-causing harms of tobacco, and a movement towards less dangerous alternatives. This should both reduce health care costs for nations and contribute to greater life expectancy throughout the WA. For these reasons, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.


Restricting Solitary Confinement

Status: At Vote

Delegate's Vote: Against


Recommendation: The proposal, while well meaning in its intent to address the complex problems that arise as a result of solitary confinement, ultimately does more harm to its cause than good. The proposal is extremely vague, using language that can be easily misinterpreted or creatively interpreted to be used in whatever fashion member nations see fit. The use of 'problems' with virtually no context in the definition of 'solitary confinement' exemplifies this issue. This use of the term also does not take into account the nuances of a situation requiring confinement; whether that be police custody for a temporary time of an individual who may be experiencing stress or anxiety or long term imprisonment and the various psychological effects that are becoming of such. Another example is the problematic use of 'reasonable' in the second clause. This allows law enforcement and any other party using solitary confinement, as defined in clause one, to use any justification they wish as long as it can be deemed 'reasonable' per their own authority. Finally, the third clause inherits the issues of the first two as it suffers from overly vague wording and the ability to be exploited by the lack of sensible application in the second clause. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.


Security Council

Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary.

Condemn Antifa

Status: Failed

Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For: 4,265 Against: 12,089

Final Vote (TNP): For: 143 Against: 397 Percentage of WA nations voting: 37.8%


Recommendation: A bit of effort by the author might have made this a condemnation worth supporting, but the lack of detail and concrete examples of the alleged transgressions render it difficult to justify. Condemnations must make a clear case to support their allegations. If Antifa has crossed lines, then explain against whom, provide dates, and inform as to the impact on natives. Without that, support is impossible. Similarly, suggesting that a region is ‘just as bad’ as other regions qualifies as little more than a statement of opinion, and nothing close to grounds for WA condemnation. For this reason, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.


Commend The North Pacific

Status: Failed

Delegate's Vote: Abstain

Final Vote (World): For: 6,312 Against: 7,801

Final Vote (TNP) For: 497 Against: 46 Percentage of WA nations voting: 37.4%


Recommendation: In accordance with the delegate issued statement and Executive Order per Clause 5 of the WA voting policy, "In keeping with WA tradition, as well as prior precedent, I [The delegate] will be abstaining from this resolution when it goes to vote. No vote will be held, and no recommendation will be issued." For this reason, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs issues no recommendation and the delegate will abstain from the vote.

[small]The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth Publisher: Pallaith :: Executive Editor: El Fiji Grande :: Managing Editor: Marcus Antonius The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.[/small] Index of Issues

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