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Stargate Statement

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Magicality City, March 14th, 2019

Statement Regarding Invasion of Stargate

During major update on March 10, forces led by The Democratic Republic invaded Stargate. The NPA mustered a force to retake the region the following update and the rightful delegate Casl was returned to the delegacy. Twenty of our finest, led by Minister of Defense Darcania, came to Stargate's aid during the operation, which has just concluded. The North Pacific has a long and cherished relationship with our friend and ally Stargate, and we will always come to its aid when needed. As is evidenced by the participation of McMasterdonia, who returned to active duty after many years, we will always go the extra mile to ensure our friends are safe, and will act immediately regardless of who tests them or what their motivation may be. We extend our best wishes to the people of Stargate and their continued security, and congratulate the NPA for a swift and successful mission.



Delegate of The North Pacific

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