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Press Release:Reformation of The Sacred Order of The West Pacific

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Press Release

From the Office of The Grand Inquisitor of The Sacred Order
The West Pacific
January 23, 2020


Greetings to all Friends and Members of The Sacred Order of The West Pacific!


It is my privilege to announce to you today that a long overdue overhaul and impending Reformation of The Sacred Order has been initiated by this Office.


Under consideration of The Grand Inquisitor are a number of Reforms, as The Sacred Order looks forward into the new Decade in NationStates. These Reforms will be announced as they are implemented. Reforms will aim to bring greater relevance, recognition and organization to The Sacred Order, as well as to modernize membership and purpose in alignment with the current State of The Game of NationStates.

The Foundations of the Ideals of The Sacred Order will remain true: The Primacy of NationStates Game Mechanics, The Sovereignty of Individual Nations, The Inherent Authorities of Delegates and Founders, and The Necessity of Activity.


Cardinals, Knights, and all members of The Sacred Order of The West Pacific, are hereby given Official Notice of The Impending Reformation of The Sacred Order.


A bit of history.


The Sacred Order of The West Pacific Imperium was announced six years ago on February 11, 2014, in order to provide a theme for the Imperium Government of The West Pacific under Grand Inquisitor and Delegate All Good People. That change was unanimously ratified by The Holy Grand Assembly of the West on February 22, 2014.

"Take a look at the use of a theme in Lazarus as a recent example.  Or look to the longevity of the NPO.  Or the successful works to bring activity to a dead NationStates with The Crimson Order and others.  Look to our fellow GCRs.  In addition to Lazarus and The Pacific; Balder has its Nordic theme, Osiris has its Egyptian theme.  The Rejected Realms has it's defender focus, and The East Pacific has adopted defenderism along with its Masonic backgrounds and long history of RolePlay.  The South Pacific focuses on it's form of Democracy and widening it's military activity.  The North Pacific is a bastion of legislation, legalism, and debate."

Following the Delegacy of [nation]All Good People[/nation], the Sacred Order of The West Pacific continued as a non-governmental entity within The West Pacific, with relationships that extend outside of the region. This continues to be the status of The Sacred Order today, while The West Pacific has progressed through time into the Imperial China theme that was announced by then Emperor and Delegate [nation]The Holy Principality of Saint Mark[/nation] one year ago tomorrow, January 24, 2019.


A listing of the Membership, Titles, and Organization of The Sacred Order of The West Pacific as it exists prior to Reformation can be reviewed here:



Thank you for your kind attention and May the Blessings of Max and ADMIN be upon you!

Westwind of All Good People, 
Grand Inquisitor of The Sacred Order of The West Pacific

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