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The Diplomat [Open]

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The young man woke up at his desk. Papers were scattered all over the floor. He found it in himself to wake up. Alerts from legislation passed in the land of Equalism kept popping up on his phone in his emails. He felt his head a little bit. "Ugh... What happened?" he asked himself before he found the strength to get up on his feet. He walked down the stairs in the embassy. "Good morning, Jean-Paul, how are you doing today?" it was his secretary, Amaia Sung. The young man shook her hand and smiled warmly. "I'm alright, Ms. Sung. And yourself?" she smiled and embraced him in a hug. "I'm okay," she said as she went to making her coffee. He got back on his feet and went back to his desk before he felt a tug on his hand. Amaia sat him down. "Stay. Your report can wait. You need some time to relax." Jean-Paul shrugged and stayed seated for a little while. Exhaustion filled his body. Amaia noticed. "Sleep. I'll wake you up in a little bit." He did as he was told and drifted off to sleep.

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