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EO #0001: Governor General's Office

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Office of the Governor General of Equilism

Executive Order #0001

2 November, 2020


As of November 1, 2020, The Equilism Town Hall has elected Governor General Westwind to hold Conservatorship of the Governance of Equilism. As a result of that action, Governor General Westwind takes residence in the Executive Offices of Equilism. The Mayor's Office is hereby renamed the "Office of the Governor General".


Executive Orders and Statements issued by the Office of the Governor General shall be posted in this office.


For reference, the mandate of the Town Hall, passed 31 October, 2020:





Governor General


The Governor General shall hold Conservatorship of the Governance of Equilism in order to manage the affairs of the Township and Region of Equilism, having full Executive Authority over the domestic and interregional affairs of the region of Equilism until such time as the Township is ready to re-engage in elected self-governance, or such time as the region chooses another form of governance. 


- Governance of Equilism shall be held in Conservatorship of the Governor General.

- The Governor General may make appointments, create positions, delegate authority, and hold elections.

- The Governor General may set domestic, foreign and military policy.

- The Governor General may act as Head of State and Government.

- The Equilism Codex (legal code) will remain in effect in accordance with Article 4: Continuation of the Codex.

- The Treaties and Agreements of the Township of Equilism will continue to be honored.



This Executive Order goes into effect immediately.



Governor General Westwind

Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism

2 November, 2020





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