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EO #0002: World Assembly Delegate Confirmation

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Office of the Governor General of Equilism

Executive Order #0002

2 November, 2020


Acting Delegate @Isaris is hereby recognized and confirmed as Delegate of Equilism, with the authority, duties, and responsibilities described by Article 5 of the Township Charter.


The World Assembly Delegate will perform the duties of the in-game position, including voting in the WA, being the point of contact with newcomers to convince them to stay in Equilism and get involved, giving a good impression of the region to outsiders, promoting RMB involvement, and encouraging widespread WA membership.


However, Delegate authority under Article 6 of the Township Charter is hereby suspended and reserved to the Conservatorship of the Governor General and/or The Founder.


The Delegate may create Regional Officer positions for citizens to seek election to, and they may grant Regional Officer powers to existing officials at their discretion.


Furthermore, The Delegate has been granted appropriate masking and forum moderation authority, and has been granted access the the Private Office of The Governor General as a member of the Executive Council.


Unless instructed otherwise by the Office of The Governor General, The Delegate may freely vote on WA Resolutions based either on regional vote, consensus sentiment, or based on personal preference of The Delegate.


This Executive Order goes into effect immediately.



Governor General Westwind

Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism

2 November, 2020

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