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Julio of Nulkia-Sova

Regional Update - Year 2021, n°1

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Regional Update

Year 2021, n°1

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WA Delegate: The Sovereign Realm of Nulkia
| Nation Count: 473 | Regional Rank: 39th |


The Monarchy

Emperor: Theoden Sebastian
Emperor Emeritus: Onder Kelkia
Crown Prince: Valfor Talleyrand
Prince: Akillian Talleyrand

The Imperial Council

Prime Minister: Wilhelm Cransnikov
Deputy Prime Minister: Azrael Dreemurr Wineholt
Secretary of State for the Interior: Zecheriah Stevenson
Secretary of State for Culture: Raeliana von Clair-Rouvier
Secretary of State for the Exterior: Julio Von Arcadia-Sova, Viscount of Haifa

The Estates Noble

Speaker: Julio Von Arcadia-Sova, Viscount of Haifa (Lion Party)
Member: Akillian Talleyrand, Archduke of the Land of Dragonia (Non-Affiliated)
Member: John Spencer-Talleyrand, Earl of Warburton (Non-Affiliated)
Member: Rayregalia Von Arcadia-Sova, Baron of Paddington (Non-Affiliated)
Member: Erica Von Clair-Arcadia, Baroness of Paraná (Lion Party)

The Estates Common

Speaker: Nobunaga Oda (Independent)
Member: Raeliana von Clair-Rouvier (Independent)
Member: Lucien Hwang (Independent)
Member: Yochanan Wright (Independent)
Member: Peter Von Wolf (Independent)

General Elections !
Emblems of the Road to Glory Party and Lion Party

The recent Prime Ministerial election saw the two LKE major political parties run for the office of Prime Minister (PM) and Deputy Prime Minister (DPM). Incumbent PM Erica von Clair-Arcadia (Lion Party) was running with her DPM Raeliana von Clair-Rouvier (Independent) against Wilhelm Cransnikov (Road to Glory Party) and Azrael Dreemurr Wineholt (RTG Party). After the campaign, the vote took place on the regional forum on 30 December, and saw the Wilhelm-Azrael ticket winning with 60% of votes, while the Erica-Raeliana ticket received 40% of votes.
RTG Party's proposals have probably seduced a new electorate recently, that of newcomers very interested in the roleplay world developed by the region, and have high expectations in this area in particular. Several citizens who are relatively new to the region and to politics will thus come to government and will have to prove themselves, both individually and collectively, in order to implement the reforms desired by Prime Minister Wilhelm Cransnikov, leader of the RTG Party.
His Supreme Majesty thanked the outgoing PM and DPM, saying "I am glad that we shall continue to draw from their experience and their participation in government as they take their seats in the Estates Noble and the Estates Common respectively". Indeed, Erica, Baroness of Paraná, continues as Member of the Estates Noble while Raeliana won a seat in the Estates Common.
The general elections included the election of a new Estates Common, lower chamber of our legislature. All 5 seats were won by independents, a first under the 12th Constitution. The parliamentarians were able to swear the oath of allegiance to the Emperor, and the EC elected Nobunaga Oda as Speaker, while Julio Von Arcadia-Sova, Viscount Haifa, continues in office as Speaker of the Estates Noble.

The LKE Government wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2021, and let's hope it brings the best to your region!

Brought to you by the Department for the Exterior

On behalf of His Supreme Majesty's Government, Peers, Electors and the Imperial House of The Land of Kings and Emperors.
Edited by Julio of Nulkia-Sova
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