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Julio of Nulkia-Sova

Foreign Dispatch - Volume XI, Issue I

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Foreign Dispatch

Volume XI, Issue I

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WA Delegate: The Sovereign Realm of Nulkia
| Nation Count: 448 | Regional Rank: 41th |
The Monarchy

Emperor: Theoden Sebastian
Emperor Emeritus: Onder Kelkia
Crown Prince: Valfor Talleyrand
Prince: Akillian Talleyrand

The Imperial Council

Prime Minister: Wilhelm Cransnikov
Deputy Prime Minister: Azrael Dreemurr Wineholt
Secretary of State for the Interior: Zecheriah Stevenson
Secretary of State for Culture: Raeliana von Clair-Rouvier
Secretary of State for the Exterior: Julio Von Arcadia-Sova, Viscount of Haifa

The Estates Noble

Speaker: Julio Von Arcadia-Sova, Viscount of Haifa (Lion Party)
Member: Akillian Talleyrand, Archduke of the Land of Dragonia (Non-Affiliated)
Member: John Spencer-Talleyrand, Earl of Warburton (Non-Affiliated)
Member: Rayregalia Von Arcadia-Sova, Earl of Paddington (Non-Affiliated)
Member: Erica Von Clair-Arcadia, Baroness of Paraná (Lion Party)

The Estates Common

Member: Nobunaga Oda (Independent)
Member: Raeliana von Clair-Rouvier (Independent)
Member: Lucien Hwang (Independent)
Member: Yochanan Wright (Independent)
Member: Peter Von Wolf/blackwing40k (Independent)

Imperial Succession Day Honours List
The Imperial Succession Day commemorates January 8, 2018, when then Crown Prince Theoden Sebastian acceded to the throne the day of the formal abdication of Emperor, now Emperor Emeritus, Onder Kelkia. On the occasion of this special day, Emperor Theoden was "pleased to announce the first honours list for the year". Honours lists aim to reward deserving citizens, particularly those who have worked for the benefit of the region, and this may have been in a number of different bodies including the government, Estates General and the Imperial Army (LKEIA). Therefore, Emperor Theoden recognised Julio Von Arcadia-Sova, Viscount of Haifa, by awarding him the Most Excellent Order of the Realm for his "consistent and sterling performance in government". Similarly, Raeliana von Clair-Rouvier was awarded the Order of Achievement for her "commendable work in the Ministries of the Interior and Culture, and in the Estates Common".
Treaty News:
Non-Aggression Pact with The East Pacific and Amendment to the Treaty of Taunton with Europeia

Flag of TEP

In September 2020, a Non-Aggression Pact was negotiated and ratified by The East Pacific and The Land of Kings and Emperors. The NAP passed through both regions' legislatures without opposition. As well as a commitment to non-aggression and associated prohibitions on specific forms of belligerent activity, the NAP contains provisions extending full recognition to the constitutional governments of both regions. The LKE is committed to positive relations with TEP founded upon mutual respect for the sovereignty of both regions as embodied by the NAP.
Flag of Europeia

In December 2020, ratification was completed of an amendment to the Treaty of Taunton between The Land of Kings and Emperors and Europeia. Originally signed in 2011, the Treaty of Taunton is the LKE's oldest extant bilateral alliance bar our treaty with The New Inquisition and Europeia's oldest extant bilateral alliance. The amendment retained the overwhelming majority of the text of the original treaty, but revised out-of-date clauses and added new provisions relating to World Assembly cooperation and recruitment.
Estates Common: Independents Strike Back

First meeting of 2021 in the Estates General

In recent memory, the Estates Common has never been completely independent. The 3rd and 4th sessions of the Estates General had even seen the Lion Party take all the seats in September-November 2019. And yet this has just changed, while the Road to Glory Party has taken the reins of government and the Lion Party must now rely on its two members of the Estates Noble, the Estates Common is now composed solely of independents.

The recently appointed government will therefore have to deal with this unpredictable set at the heart of the LKE legislature. Moreover, it will have to convince the upper house, which is composed of a majority of non-affiliated members, i.e. independents, and a minority of the Lion Party.

For this new term, the Estates Noble and Common will have to look again at the Imperial Honor Act (2020) which should regulate honours and medals awarded in the region, but failed to complete the legislative process before the end of the previous session.
Roleplay Continues to Expand

The LKE roleplay map

The roleplay community of the LKE continues to grow, with new nations entering the fray. Indeed, no less than a dozen players have joined in the last month and a half. Crown Prince Valfor Talleyrand proposed a new charter for the Council of Rulers, now known as the Treaty of Genosha, strengthening its abilities and furthering its responsibilities over the entire RP world of the LKE, and it has seen initial support from many among this new generation of role-players, as well as from senior ones.

The Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the players, proposed an enlargement of the map used, as this could leave more space for future players, and allow nations to begin colonising these new lands and fighting for superiority over the globe's seas and oceans. It is therefore a new stage that is taking place: a real arena of international politics, in order to make a place for oneself and one's RP country in this world filled with leaders who are so hostile, so unpredictable.
An Interview with Prime Minister Wilhelm Cransnikov

PM Wilhelm Cransnikov being interviewed by Arcturus Hollestra

Arcturus Hollestra: Mr Prime Minister, you have just won the election for Prime Minister against the outgoing Erica von Clair-Arcadia, who has been multiple times at the head of the government. What made you want to run for the position of Prime Minister?

Wilhelm Cransnikov: I felt that the region was in need of a change at the head of its executive, and that I could help bring this needed change. I also believe that this allowed for constructive competition, which was and is important for the region.

A.H: Are you confident with the government you have set up, and how did you go about that process?

W.C: I am quite confident in every member of government I have appointed, so far, they all have met and for some gone beyond my expectations. Some choices for ministers were quite obvious, for example Lord Julio Von Arcadia-Sova has diligently served as minister for the exterior for a long while. Some other appointees were chosen not because of their long service in the government but rather because of their potential to exceed in their duties.

A.H: What are the main goals for your term as Prime Minister?

W.C: Internal reform is a major goal of my government, inside the LKE there are definitely things that could be changed for the better. To take a specific example, I intend to create a guide for new players entering the RP developed by both the ministry of culture and roleplayers, and also to work with the minister of the interior Zecheriah Stevenson to help integrate new members to the LKE community.

A.H: Are there any words you would like to add to those reading?

W.C: It is my hope that as Prime Minister I can help elevate the LKE even higher. TERRA REGUM IMPERATORUMQUE TOTUM MUNDUM REGET!

A.H: We thank you for the interview, Mr. Prime Minister.
Imperial Army Activities

One of the many assaults led by the Imperial Army over the summer

The LKE Imperial Army conducted plenty of invasions over the last few months to train our soldiers and demonstrate our presence. In particular, recently promoted Colonel Nobunaga Oda planned the invasion of Insert Cool Name Here, where she has uniquely demonstrated her ability to lead. The Imperial Army also succeeded in capturing the delegacy of a series of regions, including Joe Biden, New Jaromiria, One True Moon, Oceanosphere, Social Democrats United, JON, and 15th Century Japan to name a few.

Soldiers of the Imperial Army also recently provided Europeians with assistance during their delegacy transition.

The LKE Imperial Army has once again demonstrated its influence, might, and strength in numbers on the world stage. The LKE remains a powerful force to be reckoned with. The LKE, together with our allies, maintains the military capability and capacity to make a significant difference in conflicts across Nationstates.

Stay tuned as the Imperial Army leadership prepares for more operations!

Long Live the Emperor! Long Live the LKE!

The Delegate's Votes - December Edition


Commend The Templar High Council

Repeal: “Protecting Sites of Religious Significance”

Repeal: “Rights of the employed”
The Office believes that the initial resolution is well written and sufficiently clear and workable
in practice to be retained.


Commend Praeceps

Water Fluoridation Act
Voted in accordance with the majority of voting WA-member nations of the LKE

Commend The Western Isles

Repeal: “International Road Safety”
Voted in accordance with the majority of voting WA-member nations of the LKE

Repeal: “Commend The Holy Principality of Saint Mark”

Fairness in Collective Bargaining
Voted in accordance with the majority of voting WA-member nations of the LKE

Commend Verdant Haven

Tariffs and Trade Convention
The Office congratulates the author on a well-written resolution, but does not wish to give voting
instructions to member nations.


International Radio Standards Act
The Office commends the authors for their concern on this subject, but notes the vagueness of the resolution
and regrets the creation of an entity which alone decides to allocate certain parts of the frequency spectrum
to member nations. In order to protect the sovereign interest of the nations it represents, the Office suggests
that member nations should be the decision-makers while receiving advice from the IRA and neighbouring nations.


Regulating Remote Election Administration
The Office believes that this resolution bars member nations from administering their elections as they wish.
Plus, the generalisations made are too vague to correspond to what is achieved in practice, and the subject
of referendums and other popular initiatives is not addressed.


Repeal: “Commend The Western Isles”

Commend Singapore no2

Commend Northrop-Grumman
At vote



Brought to you by the Department for the Exterior

On behalf of His Supreme Majesty's Government, Peers, Electors and the Imperial House of The Land of Kings and Emperors.
Edited by Julio of Nulkia-Sova
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