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Judith Gap

Resignation of Checkers McDog

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During the past week, our Prime Ministress, Checkers McDog, made an announcement that came as a complete surprise to the region. I am quoting her message for you:

I don't even know where to begin....but..., I will be stepping down as Delegate of Canada.

I have been delegate since March of last year when Bweezy stepped down, and I feel we're long overdue for some new blood. In the past year and 8 months we've gotten a lot done, and I take pride in the fact that I helped to make Canada into the most active user-created region in NationStates.

Personally, I just do not have the time to devote to the position any longer. My participation in Cabinet is dropping by the day. Many months ago I had said that if I felt that my leadership was slipping, I will step down, and I'm going to keep that promise to the region.

Our regional government has come a long way since I first became delegate. I feel that no matter what changes there are in who is in Cabinet, it will remain strong through the standard that has been created; we now have the laws, rules, and mechanisms in place to always keep our Cabinet functioning well.

I will be leaving the region on the night of December 16th to wipe my endorsements clean. On the 17th you will have a new Delegate and Prime Minister. (And as per our new laws, there will be a vote of confidence for our new PM).

Please take note of who will be delegate when I leave. There are several candidates in the running, which endorsement totals not too far apart. Please consider the next few days as a sort of "delegate election". Endorse those who you want to be delegate, and remove them from those you do not want ending up as delegate. I will be removing all my endorsements of others, except for one, to show my support for who I feel should be the next delegate of Canada. In any case though, the decision is up to the nations of this region...you have until the 16th to decide

Canada is known throughout NS as being a region of great political stability, and I hope that the next delegate of this region can help maintain that.

Before I get a wave of PMs and posts about me reconsidering, please note that I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I will not change my mind about stepping down (unless for serious security concerns). Also please keep in mind, that though I am stepping down as Delegate, I am not retiring from regional politics, and I will definitely not be leaving the region or forum.

I've enjoyed being Delegate of this great region, and I wish my successor the best of luck.

Currently Canada is in the midst of discussions and realigning of endorsement figures to support the person who will be the next delegate. At present, Parrrrtay, Daemon, and Carbanousa have announced their intentions to run for the delegacy. A few other nations who do not participate on the regional discussion board would also appear to be running for the delegacy: Ishmiel, Meldrum, Jaldar, and Hougadouga. The current endorsement count is being updated each day by Daemon so that everyone can tell who seems to be seeking endorsement.

With all of the new constitutional provisions that had been drafted in case of just this sort of emergency, we are confident that the region will select candidates that it supports. Consequently, the cabinet of Canada has not restrcited any member nation's ability to seek the delegacy. Since the election of the deleagte occurs entirely in the NS site, the off-site forum boards serve as a place for the all of the nations to discuss candidates and endorsing strategies.

If I can answer any questions about this situation, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Judith Gap

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada

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