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*shakes snow off boots* *looks around*


There's a one-off change this week...

Seriously though, when our Minister of Foreign Affairs Judith Gap suggested this idea, it was thought a great idea, and so for this week, I'll be making a tour of each Canadian Embassy. I don't really know what to say, so I'll try and put down some thoughts and feelings.

Firstly I would like to say “Hello†to Equlism and that I look forward to working with you all, for which I am very enthusiastic. I'm hoping to be able to drop by three or four times a week for some fun and games and to generally irk people with random insanity and nonsensical gibberish... Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how a seemingly benign sentence can tangent to how Penguins are constantly plotting to achieve world domination through the use of jam sandwiches. Impossible, I hear you cry? Improbable, more likely . This is is best bit though – the Weasels are aware of the Penguins plot and plan to stop them.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday period, and that the New Year is both fruitful and productive in both NationStates and real life. The Weasels, you see, are secretly working for the flying-monkeys who have infiltrated the Penguins echelons of command.

I trust that all is well in Equilism, and I appreciate I've got some big shoes to fill. Speaking of which, these really are fantastic shoes – so sparkley and bright. I must find out where they came from.

Enough! Enough I say! I've bored you for long enough now, so here's to the future and enjoy the following report.

Report from Canadauser posted image

8 January 2006

Prepared by Ess and Judith Gap

Forum (172,951 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 278

Delegate: Carbanousa (75 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

  • Canada has a few entrants who will be participating in 10,000 Islands's Soccer League.
Regional Affairs:
  • Snowflakes finally stopped falling this week on the forum, while a major snowstorm has sent many members of the region to T & P's Shoreline Spot for warm food, drinks, LaughterandSunshine, who just happens to be living up to her name.
  • Our sporting correspondents all seem to have come down with a nasty virus. We will report sporting news as it becomes available to us.
  • Parrrrtay hit 10,000 posts in our forum this week. Only 6,000+ to catchup with leader, kana da.
  • Special welcome to new members: Hathoria, Redveras, Rock_CKY_Today, Pacific_Curator, MiniMoose, Micronanta
Governmental Affairs
  • In it's first rollout of potential legislation for a new term (sounds like a poetry chapbook), the cabinet addressed problems with members receiving admin powers without having first been approved by the government. This resolution generated quite a bit of debate and prompted cabinet to go back to the drawing board.
  • Canada voted AGAINST the UN Resolution: Artistic Freedom. Ultimately members had difficulty accepting that the UN could tell member nations what is or isn't art, let alone what is done for an aesthetic (and not economic) purpose.
OOC Happenings:
  • Checkers McDog is back from her trip to India and has promised to post her pics.
  • Hudson Bay informs us that not only has he read the book 1984, but lives it as well - he lives in the U. S. of A.
  • king girl has great genes! Her hair is blonde in the summer and red in the winter!
  • 420 Celebrants had a bad week as he lost both a grandmother and his job. Many hugs and condolences.
  • Daemon got his grades back from last term:

    CPSC 340 Machine Learning 93%

    CPSC 421 Intro to Computer Theory 90%

    CPCS 532a Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence 91%

    MATH 443 Graph Theory 85%

    We're taking away all network priveleges until he gets he gets that 85% into the 90's!

  • kana da has made a New Year's resolution:
    Quit making the same [diddly] mistakes in my life!
    Good luck with that, kd! *big grin*

Random Quotes from Discussion Boards

Canada6 - :$ mv CRDF_sub_forum_issue \dev\null


Daemon - Heh. Shell humour NEVER gets old.
J Delight - I did almost deck a DOM for grabbing my breasts. He was drunk and my neighbor jumped in JUST in the nick of time to save his skinny lil a## from a public display of my superior Amerikan A##wh00pin' Powirz â„¢
4:20 Celebrants - Well then ... that is a totally different "Choose Your Own Adventure" now isn't it?
Judith Gap - Wow, this is such a place of hostility.

*sits down and contemplates*

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Welcome, Carbanousa! Great to have you with us - enjoy yourself here!

On a related note, it looks like I'll be the new Equilism ambassador to Canada (a job I'm modestly qualified for, being a Torontonian...) I'll try to drop by your forum tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting more of you, on your turf!

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