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Regional Update 09/11/07

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November 9th 2007

Election fever in the United Kingdom has just ended with the November election polls closing on the 3rd. A record number of candidates stood for election, which was complimented greatly by a high turnout of the electorate. There was three main option open to the public, the ruling party, the Whigs, the official opposition, the Unionist Party and the Independents.For a contrast of a change in attitude comparing the August elections is most appropriate.

The Premier elections for Prime Minister soon became the battleground between both parties. The Premier debate become the main platform from which attack from both sides were made. The debate was opened by His Majesty on the 26th October. The Debate was between both leaders of the main political parties, Sir Reg Empey for the Unionist Party and Sir King representing the Whigs. Recruitment become a Core issue during the debate. Here are some extracts.

What do you think about the Region Immigration [Recruiting] do you think it needs to be stepped up?

Sir Reg Empey - Most definitely. The Unionist Party has always focussed on recruitment, both to the forum and to the region. Some may say these are the same things, but the involvement on these forums is, to the Unionist Party more vital than the 'size' of the region. We do promote the furthering of recruitment, and aim to have doubled the size of the region, if given the power to do so, by Christmas 2007. A bold target, but an achievable target.

The New Conservatives, now under a new banner, the Whig Party, never got the grasp of the importance of recruiting. In our History every depression in activity has been under a New Conservative delegation. We cannot risk another period of inactivity, for we have lost valuable, core members at each low point in our History. As the oldest citizen in the region, joining just after the creation of the region, I have learnt from the mistakes of previous Prime Ministers who as of yet haven't learnt anything themselves.

To quote a fellow Unionist


Population loss - The United Kingdom has 52 nations. It has taken 2 months for Sir King and the Whig Party to exceed the Unionist Party peak of 51 nations that was achieved in 2 weeks.

-Ebren Unionist Party Conference

The Unionist Party consider all forms of recruitment as vital. We are the only party to acknowledge its importance. How many more dismal, quiet, inactive terms of Sir King must we endure? For the betterment of the region, forget your party region and vote Sir Reg Empey for a brighter future.

In conclusion, I would like to merely recollect past Unionist administrations. We have shown in our History to break the population cap every time we have been elected. Ebren set the all time high for a Unionist administration at 51 nations. This was after the most heroic efforts of the Unionist Party rescuing us from a low of 16 nations under the New Conservative party. I hereby promise to every citizen to break the 100 nations cap by Christmas, if I am given the chance. The future of the region lies with you.

Sir King - Why am I being attacked for not being "Unionist" enough in my recruitment efforts? Just because I do not move my nation to different regions to recruit, does not mean I am not recruiting. There is no need to make things up about a political opponent just because you cannot see them doing their job.

The Unionists always have claimed to "double" the population of our region every election round. Every cycle, they have failed to do so. I have given the Unionists my support when I was out of office, and when in office, I have received nothing but criticism. Not everyone is good at recruitment, SRE. I try, but nobody seems to bite.

So now I'd like to ask a question that many people have thought of, but never dare ask. Why, SRE, did you abandon the region? When you lost U.N. delegacy, you claimed "that was the last straw" and we saw a period of at least two months where you signed in every week or so, but never posted and never lent a hand to your fellow BRITONS. How am I, as a voter and citizen of the United Kingdom, supposed to trust you with power if you just up and leave when you don't get your way? How can I believe anything you say in your "Recruitment, Activity and Stability" slogan, when you yourself has not lived up to two of them. Your activity disappeared. So did the region stability after you threw up your arms and quit. Just as I have to answer to you as your Prime Minister, so too must you answer to me as a candidate for this office.

Sir Reg Empey - To make my response brief, I was committed more to Real Life constraints. Something that sadly, was to take preference to nationstates and this region. I hold dear the United Kingdom and would not abandon her for any minor reason. During the summer I had the burden of two months of national exams, that would, to say it plainly effect my future career outmost. It is because of that reason I could not remain active. I also had a 3 week family holiday, with no internet access for 2 weeks of that time. Posts on this very forum have shown this.

I whole heartedly accept your point, and I should have explained my absence. I have learnt from that mistake and will now post all absences that have my knowledge. To keep tribal politics to a minimum I will not comment on the period of UK history whereby the 'Honourable' Sir King initiated a boycott of all peerages bestowed on him, resigned from all positions of government, and seemed more of an outcast than the man of the people described here today.

This format of the debate continued throughout and many feared a total meltdown as tensions soared past melting point.

Sir King - I am so tired to this "campaign" which once again has become nothing but a smear campaign. I'm just sick of it. This is not how I envisioned this campaign.

You may want to be a professional politician, SRE, but you seem to have forgotten that I am not one. I have only ran for my town's city council once and didn't even make it past the primaries. This is no longer just a friendly competition. This has turned down a path that you cannot bring us back from - and I am ashamed that I have played even a little part of it.

SRE, I expected more of you. I expected more of a gentlemen from you.

What would make you happy, SRE? If I quit? Left the region? Totally got out of your region? Because by your words not only on this post, but in countless others, it is quite evident that you neither like me nor want me here.

You cannot attack me like this and then expect me to be your friend afterward.

I understand the political debate, but now it's gone a bit far.


After this point the debate burnout and returned to a calmer state. One of the most active and involved debates in our History.

The Polls were a surprise to most, the Whigs were by far the larger party with 6 members, 3 Unionists and the remainder independents.

The August Premier elections has been uncontested. Sir King was comfortably elected into power.

Sir King - [ 9 ] - [90.00%]

Write-In [declare below] -[ 0 ] - [0.00%]

Abstain- [ 1 ] - [10.00%]

With 90% Sir King became Prime Minister. Novembers election were immediately different this time with two candidates.

Sir Reg Empey, Unionist- [ 11 ] - [64.71%]

Sir King, Whig- [ 4 ] - [23.53%]

Abstain [ 2 ] - [11.76%]

Sir Kings share of the vote dropped from 90% to 23.53%, while Sir Reg Empey gained 64.71% meaning that a second round of voting was not required, and Sir Reg Empey became the 8th Prime Minister.

The House of Commons elections also showed a dismal turnout for the Whig Party.



Sir King - Whig [ 5 ] [83.33%]

Abstain [ 1 ] [16.67%]


DMTV Media Corp [ 6 ] [100.00%]

Abstain [ 0 ] [0.00%]

Northern England

Ebren - Unionist [ 5 ] [83.33%]

Abstain [ 1 ] [16.67%]

Southern England

The Contradictory Bloc [ 5 ] [83.33%]

Abstain [ 1 ] [16.67%]


GB and N Ireland - Communist [ 5 ] [71.43%]

Abstain [ 2 ] [28.57%]

Northern Ireland

Scipio Maximus - Unionist [ 2 ] [28.57%]

Mighty Khan - Whig [ 5 ] [71.43%]

This was an historic elections as the Unionist party, for the first time in one year, lost their Northern Ireland seat.

The November Elections brought a pleasant surprise for the Unionists.


Sir King [ 7 ] [50.00%]

Abstain [ 7 ] [50.00%]


Nelavara, Independent [ 1 ] [7.14%]

Scipio Maximus, Unionist [ 9 ] [64.29%]

Hucking, Whig [ 4 ] [28.57%]

Abstain [ 0 ] [0.00%]

Northern England

Cardinal Chase, Whig [ 7 ] [50.00%]

Abstain [ 7 ] [50.00%]

Southern England

Ebren, Unionist [ 12 ] [75.00%]

Abstain [ 4 ] [25.00%]


Atlantic Emirates, Independent [ 9 ] [69.23%]

Falconio, Whig [ 4 ] [30.77%]

Abstain [ 0 ] [0.00%]

Northern Ireland

Sir Reg Empey, Unionist [ 12 ] [80.00%]

Abstain [ 3 ] [20.00%]

From the mere statistics, the Whig Part struggled to get their candidates in non-contested constituencies elected.

In summary the House of Commons consists of the following make-up.

3 Unionist - Sir Reg Empey, Ebren, Scipio Maximus

2 Whigs - Sir King, Cardinal Chase

1 Independent - Atlantic Emirates

This gave the Unionist party the ability to form a minority government.

The Prime Ministers acceptance speech can be found here.


Finally here is the new cabinet that Sir Reg Empey announced on 6th November.

Prime Minister: Sir Reg Empey

Deputy Prime Minster: Sir King

Secretary of State for the Home Department: Ebren

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Cardinal Chase

His assistants will be Carraterra (Chief Secretary to the Treasury)

and Nelavara (Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform).

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Hucking.

His assistant will be Scipio Maximums. (Secretary of State for International Development).

Secretary of Defence: Atlantic Emirates

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport: GB and N Ireland.

His assistant will be Falconio (Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills).

Mighty Khan shall be appointed Attorney General

Thanks for reading the United Kingdom election special.

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This week the Goverment has been bombarded with new ideas and new proposals from ministers and citizens.

The regional Lottery Act was propsed by The Chancellor Of The Exchequer, Cardinal Chase. With the current vote at

Aye:3 (50.00%)

Nay: 2 (33.33%)

Abstain: 0 (0.00%)

To Vote: 1 (16.67%)

The act has faced some criticism from members of Government:

My vote here is determined by a few factors:

1. Moral obligation

2. Civil obligation

3. Personal opinion

Since, in my view, a lottery is immoral and goes against the civil best interest, my personal opinion here is outweighed and thus irrelevant.

Everyone who knows me should know that I DO NOT VOTE ALONG PARTY LINES. It's not right and it's UNFAIR TO THE PEOPLE

and we wait to hear news of its sucess.

There has been much movement from the Minister Of Culture, Media And Sport and he has propsed serveral new role-play ideas to help enhance our fun activities in the region and to make our experience in The United Kingdom much better. He has come up with the following ideas:

Alternate History

The Premier League

Historical Role Play

Gang Wars role play

and in three months time he wishes to set up a multi region role play where each region plays out as their region.

There has been other major developments in Government this week. The Deputy Prime Minister has stated in a press conference his wish to resign from Government his reason being:

Due to recent events occuring in our grand region, of which I greatly disagree with, I must put my money where my mouth is and show my oppositon to some of the policies of the current Unionist-dominated government.

This is a shame for the United Kingdom and we all wish that he decides not to leave his position and hope that he does not leave the region all together.

In the Imperial Courtroom this week Carraterra is suing the Exchequer for breach of privacy, improper conduct, libel and overstepping the authority in his portfolio.

Carraterra has made this statement:

I would like to point out to the Chancellor that he has made the following innacuracies:

1. I am the Chief Secretary of the Treasury and I have most definitely not been absent from the region for the period of 25 days. Therefore, I can safely assume you he was referring to me when he stated that "the other isn't 100% a citizen of this region, he does not actully have a nation here. Well he refused to answer anyway."

2. I do indeed have a nation in the region I merely chose to refuse to answer the said question.

3. Whether or not I have a nation in this region I am still a citizen until it is revoked and is therefore not grounds for the removal of my citizenship.

4. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has no jurisdiction on the investigation or determination of someone's citizenship status.

I would like to state the following facts that can be ascertained from the statement made by the Chancellor:

1. If I had chosen to answer the said question I would not have been dismissed.

2. His action was, therefore, a punishment for me not answering the question.

The Chief Justice Mighty Khan is looking into this courtcase and has asked both Cardinal Chase and Carraterra to submit evidence in there defence and we await there trail.

Other news.

The Labour Party was formed a few weeks ago with its Leader Hucking hoping for support from members of The United Kingdom.

His Majesty King George and Catherine Sophia announced there engagment this week and we are all looking forward to there upcoming wedding ceremony.

The United Kingdom has a new currency system, with each citizens money appearing in there avatar box.

Thats about all from the United Kingdom this week, with so much going on I am sure that next week's update will be jam packed with news.

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This week has been a hive of activity in the House of Commons. Chase's propsed Tax Bill was sucessfull and passed 4-0.

Chase commented on the news:

I am pleased as I am sure the People of this region are proud to see their parliment work together and lower taxes. Now we just hope it passes the Lords!

Last week saw much confusion with cabinet ministers leaving left right and centre. The Prime Minister Sir Reg Empey, thought to solve the issue with a Cabinet Re-Shuffle.

A lot of disruption has recently occured leaving many cabinet jobs vacant. I will now attempt to refill these. Firstly, for the ex-Deputy Prime Minister i offer:

Head of the Elections Office and Justice

To our ex-Chancellor

Either his old job back, Chancellor of the Exchequer or Deputy Prime Minister

Based on the decision of Cardinal Chase. His current assisstant Carratera may become new Chancellor of the Exchequer or Deputy Prime Minister.

I would like all of the above to either state their agreement in taking this job, or their decision to remain excluded from the cabinet.

I am pleased to tell you that all involved decided to stay and we are very happy with their decision. Chase has now taken on two jobs and is Deputy Prime Minister and Chancellor, a role in which we all feel he can acheive.

The talk of the town this week was the wedding between our belovedKing George VII and Catherine Sophia I of the United Kingdom. It was a lovely service and many talked and danced in the ballrooms and dining rooms after the event. Many Citizens left messages in thier wedding book, here is just a few:

Sir Reg Empey - Wishing you all the best, for a strong and lasting union.

Ebren-May the bonds of the relationship develop and grow.

Imperialist Royalists- May this union bring you years of happiness and enable the realm to prosper.

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In foreign affairs this week.

IPB Image

Preperations are underway for the first ever Regional Leaders Conference. Hucking, the Foreign Affairs Minister came up with the idea and everyone is looking forward to this massive event on Sunday.

IPB Image

In Buisness this week, Chase is over the moon as many more people have signed up to take out a buisness license. He hope that this will bring great wealth and stability to the nation.

Chase has also devised a lavish stock market system which he hopes will tak off soon.

The first buisness to open was GB and Northern Irelands Car Shop, which has already seen a influx of business. Good luck to him.

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Gang wars opened up this week with many citizens siging up to take part. An extract from the rules is below.

Sign up for a gang to take part in the Endria Gang Wars RP. The city used shall be Los Santos from GTA San Andreas but shall instead be called San Tierra. Each gang starts off with 15 people split into the following categories.

1 Leader

2 Deputy Leaders

4 Heavies

9 Thugs

However the titles can be whatever you want them to be. An example of this is shown below.

1 Governor

2 Officers

4 Enforcers

9 Soldiers

I think its going to be a hit and look forward to playing it.

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