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Checkers McDog

Ambassador's Report, January 31st, 2005

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This report covers mostly the past week, with a few issues from the past month (included since we haven't posted previous reports here). Feel free to respond to anything in the report either by replying to this thread, or starting a new one smile.gif

From now on, the reports should be posted here weekly.


Report from Canadauser posted image

January 31, 2005

Forum - Wikipedia - Webpage

Population: 291

Delegate: Checkers McDog

Regional Happenings:

Regional Elections

- They were held on December 30, 2004 - January 2, 2005

- The following people were elected into cabinet:

* Minister of Regional Affairs – Saskatoon Saskatchewan

* Minister of Defense – Carbanousa

* Minister of Justice – Oilers Fans

* Minister of Foreign Affairs – Beaver-Country-Canada

* Minister of Doughnuts and Beer – Redundancies (acclaimed)

Foreign Affairs:

- Diplomatic relations were opened between Canada and the regions of Equilism, and North Pacific. Requests for ties from Juxtaposition X and USK were voted against by Canadian Cabinet.

World's Fair:

- Canada has set up a forum at the 2005 NS World's Fair, hosted by The East Pacific

Please come and visit us for some beer, doughnuts, and good ol' Canadian fun: http://s6.invisionfree.com/NS_Worlds_Fair/index.php

user posted image

(^RL Canada's Coat of Arms, with the avatars of NS Canada's top 22 posters embedded in it)

Residents of the South Pacific show up in record numbers:

- In the past few days, Canada has seen quite a few SPers show up on our forums, for a vacation, an undetermined break from the SP, or just a little more partying. Canada welcomes Military Force, Liarg, Elizabethian, Parrrtay, and any others who are still hanging around from the Dance Party biggrin.gif

UN Voting:
  • - Canada voted AGAINST the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

- Canada voted FOR Tsunami Warning System.

Real Life News:
  • - Daemon drank some absinthe. He has also been playing around with
The GIMP and has created a flag in the process.

- Oilers Fans went on a trip to Jasper with his friends. One day at work he had to figure out how to ship an entire bike to Castlegar and a 1x3 box full of crickets.

- Mavenu went to the lousy dentist and had filling done, and typed about it in his 100th post.

- Redundancies was in a car accident, but him and all his friends were fine. The car unfortunately, didn't make it.

- Freezing Cold Water finished writing his final exams for school this week.

- Beaver-Country-Canada stated that she would be moving to Calgary in 6 months and that she would not see her favourite teacher again since January 26, 2005 was her last day in school.

- Kana Da announced that she has recieved the job at the coffee shop, and then left her hometown of Regina, for a weekend in Saskatoon.

- Checkers McDog went on a trip to Canada's capital city, Ottawa. Despite being late for school all the time, Chex pulled off winning the 2005 Hudson's Bay Company Award in Retail Management.

- MrPopo proved his nerdiness by purchasing a a new keyboard, a new gamepad for games on pc, and a webcam.

- there was also much of the usual bitching about the weather, public transit, and life in general.

Edited by Checkers McDog

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