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TUK Update #1

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The Recent Change in Government as the new Prime Minister is Elected, All Good and Successful Happens Happened. As a result of the latest batch of elections, a member of the forum called: Lord Falkland has been Elected Prime Minister of The United Kingdom of the People's Party. He has appointed a cabinet, composed of the following members:

Home Minister: PASD
Justice Minister: Great Britain and Ireland
Chief Justice: Imperialist Royalists
Defense Minister: Friegraf Naumann
Foreign Affairs Minister: Santa8

There was also appointed Deputy Prime Minister of The United Kingdom, But there has been inactive from the Recent Desion, Another one will be if needed Appointed. Full election results appear later in the update. The search continues for a someone to take the position of Prince of Wales Also, whose responsibilities is the Heir to His Imperial Majestys Throne, We are Awaiting that as we write this.

Appointments to House of Lords:

Imperialist Royalists
Freigraf Naumann
Mighty Khan

Due to the elections, and subsequent changes, the House of Lords and the House of commons Lack in Needed Experience Lords and Commoners.


Recently, a new Statue Book is being written and Placed before the House of Lords and the House of Commons and has already gotten a Good Success and will hopefully be put in place before the end of Lord Falklands Term.


Lord Falkland was Recently Charged with Deleting a Post in the Arrival Room Conserning the Merge with another region, We have dealt with this now and the Courts has Decided that Lord Falkland be Removed of all Moderation and Administration powers over the forum Expect Prime Minister status.

There was Also another Court Case Conserning Prince Chase of England, Later in the Week Prince Chase Pronunced Himself Dead and Left, We thought he was Avoiding Trial and / or wanted to go anyway.

BBC Court Crime News ~ Santa8

Lord Chanellor and Speaker of the House of Commons Results

Prince Chase after the Election won Lord chancellor of the TUK House of Lords
Prince Santa8 Won the Speaker of the House of Commons and has been Running in Great Success.

Thanks for Viewing this Months update, We can't wait till next Months. :)

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As soon as Admin updates your mask, you will be able to edit. We will also need to know your nation name; your forum name will be changed to match. :)

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