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TUK update #2

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The TUK Government

The Prime Minister Election has Recently Gone underway as the three Candidates stood up to the debating ballot, They were: Sir Reg Empey, Lord Falkland Again and Santa8. Sir Reg: 5 votes Lord Falkland: 2 Votes and Santa8: 3 Votes and luckly because of this system we have we need a run-off between Sir Reg and Santa8. (WHOO-HOO) Can't Wait for this turn out folks, then we will hopefully be moving forward again.

As there is a Run-off the Current Ministers still stands:

Home Minister: Jarvos
Justice Minister: Great Britain and Ireland
Chief Justice: Imperialist Royalists
Defense Minister: Vacant
Foreign Affairs Minister: Santa8
Commonwealth and Colonal Minister: To be Appointed.

The Current House of commons Election went underway at the same time as the Prime Minister election and alot but not all houses of Parliament was filled, but could have been better.

They were:

The Speaker = *To be Elected*

Charles barington = Southern England

Lord Falkland = Wales

Sir Reg Empey = Northern Ireland

Onderkelia = Northern England

There are Some Seats left in which a Vote May be Retained to have Spares Filled.

House of Lords: Still Appointed but Finishes in September this year.

Lord high Chancellor
Imperialist Royalists

More Vacant Seats Need Filled to pass laws.

*Due to the Lack of People Active, and subsequent changes, the House of Lords and the House of commons Lack in Needed Experience Lords and Commoners*.


There has Been New Laws From the Prime Minister Passed through Executive Law Introduced, There has been a Discussion for the "Cops Treaty" Also but some Disapproval Of the People of it , "To keep our Justice System instead of that one".


The Lord Falkland Case has been "So Ordered" and being Served successfully without a Leaving Note, So this is Brilliant News, (We don't have a leaver). There has also been Two Cases Brought to the Courts Doorstep this pasted Week: One Freigraf Neumein, was Charged of Forum and Regional Treason and Charged on the Accounts of Forum Damage Also, He is "Ordered" By the Courts to be Banjected and Serve a Full Life Term Away from the Region and Forum, HE CANNOT RETURN so to speak as Ordered. The King Fully Agrees and therefore we have to have a "No Puppet or Person from Freigraf here again". (Sad but true) We Also Have the Re-Trial of another Member of this Past Region Called: Kids Woeld, Under the name Moderator here on the forums to await the new verdict.
OOO Can't Wait :P

BBC Court Crime News ~ Santa8 Reporting.

Extra News

There will be New Elections for the New Lord High Chancellor, The New Speaker and Will therefore begin once Parliament is Re-opened By His Royal Majesty

We are happy to Annouce that we have gotten fully operational With the Forum again and thank-fully because of our Back-ups and our Members Co-operation were on the the road to succcess again and with a little more effort we could have 250 members and regional Strength higher hopefully soon :D (Well you can't help but try to aim, so lets do it :P)

Thanks for Viewing Our Monthly Update Again, Please Tune in for next months.

Edited by Santa8

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