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The Monkye

Equilism Anime Fan Club HQ

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Wandering down Main Street one morning, you notice that a new building has appeared. It looks different to the other buildings, not only because it seems to be Japanese in style, but because it appears to actually be anime.

Curious, you walk inside

*Monk pops out from behind a bookshelf, closing up a copy of a Death Note Manga*


"Hi there stranger, wondering what this building is about I'll bet? This is Equilism's Anime Fan Club HQ. This front bit is a store, in which we sell Manga, anime merchandise, DVD's and games. Also, don't be frightened if there is some J-pop or J-Rock playing. In the back part of the building is the Club members only section. In there we sit around reading, watching and talking about anime. Anyone can join, they just have to ask for membership here or by PM'ing me, The Monkye. All members get a special card which is special."

You consider what you've been told, and...

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A girl walks in. You notice she is really tall. Like, seriously tall.

She pauses and greets Monk.

Hey, do you have any titles of D-Gray Man? Only I lost my copies of the last three chapters.

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Stares in wonder at how such a tall girl came to be

"Erm..yes I believe we have D-Gray Man with us. Are you after the Manga or the Anime?"

puts up a sign:

For anyone looking for something - We have the shop part divided into sections, like Books (Manga), DVD's (Anime), Merchandise (Toys), Miscelleneous (Not telling). If you know what you are looking for, everything is in alphabetical order so it should be easy to find.

"Oh and anyone interested in joining the Anime club for access to the back, we are currently serving free pocky (all the flavours of the rainbow)and screening Death Note on our 47 inch LCD TV. With a really expensive and therefore awesome sound system. Also, did I mention free actual real Death Notes?"

turns to page 113

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Another tall girl enters. She is quite like the other tall girl. In turn, she pounces on the Pocky, the bookshelf of Naruto manga, and Monk. She then settles down in an L crouch with a box of chocolate Pocky to watch Death Note on the TV, turning on the English subtitles.
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Dusts himself off after being trampled by the tall girl

Yes...Let us all crouch like L...

Joins the tall girl crouching on the couch

"Matsuda, watch the store for me please" (Matsuda is the shop assistant)

*Muches on some strawberry pocky* Mmm.....pocky....*Drools*

"While we're here, what are people's favourite anime/manga and why?"

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Tall girl 2 pounces Matsu

"Well, there's a general consensus that Death Note is awesome, because of its drama and suspense. It also seems a bit more real than other manga - there's not as much magical interaction, which makes it feel a little more likely to happen some day. However, Naruto and D. Gray Man are my other favorites. I don't really know why, except for that Akatsuki is completely badass and Allen Walker is really, really pretty ..."

Tall girl 2 trails off murmuring about pretty men

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Mmm, I would have to say Death Note is my favourite as well. Although I am getting into Tokyo Underground at the moment...something about elemental powers has always fascinated me.

Also, I find Claymore enjoyable to watch even though I don't have any copies of it...must be all the girls with big swords fighting monsters....

*Munches on some banana Pocky*

"Say, Zaam, Hama, how did you get to be so tall?"

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Matsuda pops up from under Hama's pounce


What flavour would you like?

We have Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Grape, Green Apple, Ice Tea, Soy Bean, Tangerine, Melon, coconut, Pinapple, Honey, Pizza, Chicken, Tomato and Mousse Pocky. We can get in other flavours on request as well.

We also sell Ice Tea if you are thirsty....

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considers what Hama told him

"Makes sense I guess. And another thing, why the pouncing?"

Fetches Emo's Mango Pocky

"Oh there are plenty of Anime's about death and stuff like that if thats what you're into...I don't think there are specifically any ones to do with being emo, but I'll take a look. Why the sudden interest in anime Emo?"

Puts up a sign on the wall saying:

Fan Girls Extremely Welcome

admires his work and sips on some ice tea

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... Suddenly, Monk's sexy Jitsu comes into effect.

Ummm... Ok.

I like mainly don't have any Manga, so I'm more of an Anime thief, watching Bleach and Naruto where I can get it. I've seen a load of Cowboy Bebop (Excellent Music), Deathnote, Wolfs Rain and some other crazy ones. I enjoyed the genius planning in Deathnote.

Melon me.

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The first tall girl snickers and mutters something about innuendo. She then turns to Matsuda.

Coconut pocky, please!

I like Naruto the best because there are lots of geniuses, and also everything is made of kickass.

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The first tall girl runs off to check previous posts

EDIT: Heeey!

Edited by Zaamathi
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The first tall girl throws Hitch on the couch, then sits on his back.

Oh yeah, and can I get the manga, Monk?

She then gives Hama the Nuclear High Five as L again appears onscreen.

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The planted statements fail to make themselves apparent to Hama as she returns Zaam's high five, sending a small shock wave through the building and causing a small statue of Higuchi from the Yotsuba Group to fall off a shelf
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