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"Ok Hitch, but we're definitely having an SSB Brawl Tournament..."

Gawps at Hitch using a fork

"Oh and lovely story with the bagel Zaam. I will be more careful of them in the future."

continues with his own noodles using chopsticks

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"I have only ever played Brawl once, but I find Pokemon Trainer pretty lulzy."

Monk hangs the Katana and Claymore forged by Emo on the wall.

"Now, they're only for emergency use. For example if spamming becomes too much here." :P

"One more episode of Naruto and the its the SSB tournament"

Monk opens up a box of Mousse flavoured Pocky and starts consuming

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Zaamathi watches the Wii being installed.

"You know, I've never played Brawl, but I've watched it a couple times."

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"Oh as if you play with items. Its way more fun without them."

"Ok, we'll take it in turns to choose items, battle type and stage then."

"Hama and Zaam can play this round, Myself and Hitch (and Wes?) can replace whoever doesn't win."

Monk opens a bottle of Ice Tea and sips on it while the battle unfolds

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(do you play brawl allot and if you do what character do you like to use. I am moderately good and my fav charaters are Snake and Gannondorf) (and most of the time the only Item I use is the smash ball its really funny because everybody chases after it because they don't want anybody else to have it)


Snake takes an early lead in the One on one one man survival match pummeling the far slower gannondorf but gannondorf by a stroke of luck gets a smashball and uses its power to transform into BEAST Gannon and he PAWNS the noob called snake.

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"Its pronounced pWns I think. Though I think we should call it Pawns just to be different/humorous."

Monk is captivated by the fight

"I've only played Brawl once, and I used Samus that time. Though I've heard Game and Watch is the best. I would use Pokemon Trainer or Kirby if I were playing. Kirby is my old favourite from the original SSB."

Monk opens a packet of Pizza flavoured Pocky

"I heard that starting on the 1st of October this place is having a Cosplay and Sushi week."

Monk ponders what people will wear when cosplaying, whether there will be any photos...and hopes that one of them isn't (Or is? You decide) a Mudkip

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Zaamathi helps Hama

"That would be the one, Konan, also known as Blue Hair, and she can turn her entire body into sheets of paper."

She fails to do anything worthwhile in her three seconds playing Brawl and sits back discontentedly.

"Maybe I ought to practice more..."She makes a face. "Anyone up for round two?"

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Monk joins for round two of Brawl

Selects Character: Kirby

Selects Stage: Skyworld

Items: Off

"I figured you may be interested looking at your avatar RO. ;) ...which brings the thought to mind, does anyone watch the show Avatar?"

empties his latest box of pocky, puts it in a bin

"Hitch, would you cosplay if I gave you free sushi for it?"

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"I say we have Hitch dress up as Kisame, Kimimaru, or Ash from Pokémon!"

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Kirby, still alive after that attack, finds his feet, and begins artfully dodging Marth's attacks. using his speed and agility, Kirby begins to attack Marth, first by absorbing his ability, and next with damage accumulating moves like spinning kicks, grabs and other peculiar moves that Kirby knows. The battle rages

"I say we make Hama or Zaam dress up as Amane Misa. I myself will probably dress as Mello, just because it would be fun to be in leather for a day."

"Did you have subtitles on Hitch? I prefer to have my anime in japanese, and rely on the subtitiles,mainly because dubs seem generally poor."

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"Yeah, hence I stick with sub's. Although the Dub versions of Deathnote that have been screening on my local TV station seem to have been alright."

Monk pauses the battle and goes to open the shop up

"I can't believe that its morning already"

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