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"Yeah, I know, sometimes things just go by so quickly..."

Zaamathi perks up at the sound of cosplay

"I'm going to do Konan for Halloween, but I think Hama would enjoy Misa; she does rather act like her sometimes"

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Zaamathi hands her controller to Wes

Here, I'm pretty awful.

She sits back and munches on more coconut Pocky

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"Spamming buttons is always a good idea Hama."

Matsuda brings out some more noodles and some tea for the gamers

"Thanks Matsu!"

Monk munches on the noodles and continues battling


Kirby, tiring now and running on a high damage count, begins to grow desperate, using stone at most opportunities. He gets a chance to deal great damage to Marth, but once through Marth, he keeps going and then...

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"Sure, but no guarantees on how long I'll last!"

Zaamathi takes a remote and waits for the fight to be over

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Munches on some pineapple Pocky

"Yes, sure Jeff. Just sign this contract here."

someone has noticed Frank flogged $200 worth of anime. the Katana is gone and Matsu is nowhere to be seen

"Did I tell you guys that Matsu is a Ninja?"

Pokemon Trainer transforms the Pokemon to Charizard. Charizard flies above KD, and flamethrowers him. He then keeps dodging attacks, and accumulating damage on KD, waiting to Supersmash him.

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Zaamathi asks for more ramen from Matsu and continues to watch the game

"You know, I think I'll just start out button mashing."

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OOC: I found myself some milk flavoured pocky today in a shop.

Charizard blocks the strong attack (just), and flies away, transforming into Ivysaur and using bullet seed to inflict more damage to KD, before preparing for his supersmash, blowing KD off the stage without a chance to defend himself.

+1 Pokemon Trainer

-1 King DeeDeeDee.

"No yo mama's jokes unless you say them in Japanese thanks Frank"

Matsu returns, cleans the Katana and places it back where it came from, then gets Zaam's Ramen

"Between you and your sister, you have almost eaten through all our ramen supplies. How do you fit so much food in there?"

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