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New Update #4

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The United Kingdom


New Arrivals


The United Kingdom saw in 4 new arrivals and greeted them with great honour of coming to our shores, we deserved them, we have worked our fingers to the bones with recruiting, so welcome new newcomers.

Premier News


The Prime Minister, PASD stood down today for the reason of Real life intervening to much and the Prime Minister not being able to carry out the necessary duties to keep the current Government afloat, sad but true. The King has spoken in the recent special announcement address in Buckingham Palace yesterday, that there will be new special elections to replace the resigned Prime Minister PASD and return to normal.

By Elections called


By-elections are now called for the seat of the resigned member Chase, they will be held shortly for the vacant space to be campaigned for and used again.
The current lawmakers in Parliament are busy with work, but are getting votes and bills passed through.

His majesty V's Chase


The Crown revealed a sad but true verdict that Chase a recently changed and better working member of the United Kingdom was banned to sentence his reminding term sentence of which was all a blow to everyone, but we all wish he comes back after his term of absence.


Recruiting has gone up since the last recruiting program in the United Kingdom region, success on the events of recruiting still remains, there is hope and faith in the new programs getting opened and we will to prevail in any aspect we can.

Thank you for viewing the new belated January update.

P.s. i officially once again will be your new ambassador to equilism. Edited by Santa8

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